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Elevate your beauty with a lip lift in Rochester!

If you’ve spent any time on social media, you’re aware of the crazy tips and quick fixes to get fuller lips. Even if you’re not, you’ve probably heard all the crazy ways people are perfecting their pout. At Envision, we don’t have time for sub-par results, and we know you don’t either. So strap in, here’s a quick look at your lip lift in Rochester.

How we put the lift in your lips.

At Envision, we not only have 2 nonsurgical options for a plumper pout. We also specialize in surgical lip lifts in Rochester. Here’s a brief look at each option.

Dermal Fillers

Our first option for lip lifts uses dermal fillers. These injections introduce hyaluronic acid fillers to specifically targeted areas around your lips. This works to restore volume and reduce wrinkles. These injections are temporary, with results lasting 8-18 months.

Fat Grafting

While dermal fillers are a popular option for lip lifts in Rochester, some patients want an even more natural look. To do this, we inject fat into their lips. By using your own tissue, fat grafting ensures no allergic reactions and can provide lip-plumping results that last 5+ years.

Lip Augmentation

A surgical lip lift in Rochester is our most permanent solution. We customize the lip implant according to your desired results and painlessly insert them during an in-office procedure with local anesthesia. These are the most permanent results possible, but they can always be adjusted according to your needs in the years after treatment.

When determining what we’ll be treating, we’ll also answer other questions in your consultation. To determine your desired option, there are a few things to consider as you consider a lip lift in Rochester. Here is the biggest question you should ask yourself when considering your options.

Why do you need fuller lips?

Your reasons are unique to you, so your treatment should be as well. Over the years, we’ve created hundreds of perfect pouts. So here are the top three reasons why our patients come to us for a lip lift in Rochester.

Plans as flexible as you are.

The fast treatment times paired with the flexibility for results make our options some of the best in the industry. You can sneak out for a lunch break, and get a lot more than a bite! Even our surgical options offer low downtime and the least painful lip lifts in Rochester.

Advanced Techniques

While you’re tending to that packed schedule, the last thing you need is more downtime. This is why our lip lifts in Rochester give you options with the most minimal pain, and bruising possible. With our skilled hands and proven techniques, your lips are one less thing you’ll worry about.

Find your Pout, Find your Peace

With added confidence, more time, and a perfect pout, you’ll notice a difference in a lot more than your lips. As you strut more confidently and love your look in the mirror, you may notice more ways you want to show off your natural beauty!

Live the lifted life with Envision

So that’s our elevator pitch! If you’re ready to lift your pout, we’re ready to help! Get the conversation started by scheduling your consultation today. Or use our virtual consultation tool to envision your results!