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Brow Lift in Rochester, New York

Brow Lift

Frame Your Features

No one is exempt to the laws of gravity. Over time, we will all experience the effects of aging on our skin, resulting in wrinkles, lines, and sagging. If your forehead or brow is starting to give your age away, it may be time to contact the eye surgery experts at Envision Eye for a brow lift in Rochester, New York. Sometimes called a forehead lift, a brow lift in Rochester is a surgical procedure designed to tighten up the skin on your brow and provide a smooth, youthful contour that will help you look younger, fresher, and more awake.


What It Treats

Drooping brows
Blocked vision due to dropped brows
Non-enhanced brows

Procedure Time

1-2 hours

Recovery Time

1-2 weeks

How does a brow lift in Rochester work?

While mild brow lifting can be accomplished with a neuromodulator injection, such as Botox or Dysport, elevating the eyebrows for a much more dramatic results requires a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Whipple at an outpatient surgical facility or in her office. Brow lifting, also referred to as upper face lifting or forehead lifting, can be performed endoscopically, using cameras that go beneath the skin. This minimally invasive technique allows us to lift your skin without removing any, providing faster recovery.

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Benefits of a Brow Lift in Rochester

Individual Consultation

Dr. Whipple will go over your options with you. Her goal is to enhance your natural look, restoring a youthful shape and arch to your brows, bringing the focus back to your eyes, which will appear younger, brighter and more open. She respects the natural shape and contour of your face to avoid the “surprised” look that comes with aggressive interventions.

Board-Certified Care

In addition to being a board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Whipple is meticulously trained in oculofacial plastic surgery, which means she is a specialist in the aesthetics and reconstructive aspects of the face. She pays painstaking attention to detail to ensure your optimal, natural results.

Enhanced Brow Shape

Enhance brows that are not aesthetically pleasing to your taste or ones that block your vision. There are multiple ways to elevate the brows. During your consultation for a brow lift in Rochester with Dr. Whipple, she will help guide you in choosing the best option to reach your desired result.

Client Results

Brow Lift Before and After