HydraFacial in Rochester, New York

Hydration for Radiance

Hydrate your skin for radiance

A HydraFacial in Rochester is everything your average spa day wishes it could be. While masks, creams, and oils do make you feel pampered and promote a healthy face, they only go so far. When our patients are ready for real skin rejuvenation, they talk with an Envision specialist about HydraFacial.


What It Treats

Oily or Congested Skin
Facial Lines and Wrinkles
Dehydrated Skin

Procedure Time

30-90 Minutes

Recovery Time

No Downtime


What does HydraFacial do?

Hydrafacials in Rochester are our clients’ best friend for events, photo shoots, and whenever they want to look their best. HydraFacials provide our patients with the most radiant skin of their life. So why is Hydrafacial so effective? The answer is in the science behind it.


We start with a cleansing process. First by applying medical-grade skin cleansers. Just like your daily cleanser, however, you can’t get our cleansers on any Target run. We then exfoliate your skin to remove any surface-level dead skin. To top it off, we may use hydra dermabrasion to clean even deeper.


After your skin is the cleanest it can be, we remove any toxins via lymphatic drainage if you choose a HydraFacial Deluxe or Platinum. This lifts and contours your skin for a more sculpted look. It also reduces water retention, Which corrects any puffiness or redness. Cleansing and removing toxins are part of your Hydrafacial in Rochester to help your skin absorb and retain all of the nourishing effects.


If you’ve spent any time on social media, you may have heard about the JLO booster. Boosters are potent solutions packed with active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. We have the well-known JLo Beauty booster and other options available. This is why we go in-depth in your consultation. Your specialist at Envision will discuss specific concerns and choose the best booster option based on your skin type and desired results.

Our HydraFacial Process

Our patients will swear by Envision Aesthetics for the best HydraFacial in Rochester. Not just because it’s a great facial treatment option for healthier, more radiant skin. But because of the level of customizability and care they see in their results.

To deeply cleanse your face before we apply boosters, our specialists take extra care in our technique. We use a specialized vacuum to remove even the deepest blackheads. If our vacuum doesn’t fully remove debris, our specialists manually unclog your pores for the best results.

Envision Aesthetics prides itself on the expertise of our specialists. That’s why we don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all booster. Your booster is chosen by your specialist for your skin only. Other providers may follow trends, but our practice goes the extra mile to serve our clients best. Our options include the JLo Beauty booster, Circadia Protec Plus, and many more options to serve every client. We can even include a specialized peel to give you the absolute best results.


Trusted HydraFacial Specialists

Those that know trust their Hydrafacial in Rochester with Envision. Our reputation can be seen in our clients’ results. Envision Aesthetics focuses, on the whole, you when it comes to your treatment. Our specialists are driven to help each patient look and feel their best with tailored treatment for every skin type, age or condition.