Dermaplaning in Rochester, New York


Revitalize Your Skin

Dermaplaning in Rochester, New York at Envision Aesthetics is regarded as one of the fastest and most pain-free ways to give your skin a softer, more replenished look and feel. This facial exfoliation procedure involves the use of a surgical-grade blade to gently remove dead skin cells and vellus hairs (aka “peach fuzz”) that congest the complexion to trigger your skin’s powerful natural healing process for a gorgeous, rejuvenated glow.

What It Treats

Fine Lines, Acne Scars, Dark Spots

Procedure Time

30 Minutes

Recovery Time

No recovery time

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning in Rochester, New York is a treatment that is beneficial for men and women of any age. However, if you endure cystic acne, we recommend waiting until active breakouts clear to schedule a dermaplaning procedure. Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation process that incorporates a surgical 10-blade scalpel to target peach fuzz, wrinkles, and facial scars. It swiftly and gently removes the top layer of skin revealing a smooth, revitalized surface.

Dermaplaning in Rochester, New York

The Dermaplaning Treatment Process

The Consultation

Our expert medical professionals at Envision Eye & Aesthetics will make sure a dermaplaning in Rochester, New York treatment will meet your needs and expectations in a free 1 hour consultation.

Preparing the Surface

Before the procedure, our medical professionals will clean and prepare the skin’s surface

Targeted sections

A medical professional will pull back specific areas of the skin at a time to glide the scalpel across the area, removing dull skin and peach fuzz.

Replenished surface

The process will be repeated until the whole surface is treated, smoothed, and revitalized.


Benefits of Dermaplaning

Fast procedure

Dermaplaning in Rochester, New York, is a swift procedure that requires no downtime. It is an efficient procedure, allowing you to continue your regular daily routine. We highly recommend applying sunscreen with SPF 30+ the following 21 days, as your skin will be extra sensitive to the sun’s rays.

A more vibrant you

As dermaplaning in Rochester, New York is a procedure that removes the top layer of your skin, it unveils a vibrant refreshed surface. With regular treatments, your complexion will be free of peach fuzz, skin tone will appear more even, and facial scarring will be minimized. Dermaplaning gives you the gift of revitalized, vibrant skin you’ve always wanted.

Baby smooth skin

Environmental factors and natural aging cause wrinkles, lines, and damaged skin. Dermaplaning in Rochester, New York, is a procedure that minimizes these visible markers. Your skin will feel and appear baby smooth, allowing your makeup to glide on and others to notice your smooth complexion after a dermaplaning procedure at Envision Aesthetics.

Client Results

Dermaplaning in Rochester, New York, produces visible results that you will feel confident in. Results vary from individual to individual, but typically last for 4-6 weeks. After the first treatment, patients typically receive additional treatments every 4 weeks to maintain a smooth, vibrant complexion.