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Milia Extraction in Rochester, New York

Beautifully Clear Pores

Milia Got You Down?

Often mistaken for whitehead pimples, milia are tiny, painless hard bumps that occur under the skin, typically around the eyes or on the cheeks. Anyone with any skin type can experience milia at any time in life, though they are typically associated with skin damage like sun exposure or harsh exfoliation methods. Milia are actually cysts, made up of loose skin or keratin, a protein, that gets trapped under the surface of the skin. Try as you might to remove milia at home, it can be difficult or nearly impossible, because milia are simply too hard to squeeze and they areĀ under the skin’s surface rather than trapped in a pore. To help clients look and feel their best, we offer professional milia extractions in Rochester at Envision Eye & Aesthetics.

What It Treats

Milia Cysts

Procedure Time

15 minutes

Recovery Time


What is a Professional Milia Extraction in Rochester?

It is extremely important to NEVER squeeze or try to cut out milia at home. You run the risk of seriously damaging your skin, along with developing an infection or permanent scarring. The best and most effective way to remove these unsightly cysts is with professional milia extraction in Rochester. Using a sterile needle, we open the top of the skin and the top of the milia. Then through gentle pressure, we can pop the capsule out without damaging the skin. You will experience a small, dot-like scab that will heal in a few days and leave behind smooth, clear skin.

milia extraction in rochester

The Milia Extraction Process

Cleanse + Prep Skin

First, we thoroughly cleanse the treatment area(s) to sterilize and prep skin for the extraction. We can also apply a topical numbing cream if desired to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Opening Skin & Milia

Next, we use a 30-gauge needle to carefully and precisely open the skin above the milia and nick the top of the cyst.

Apply Pressure

Once the cyst is exposed, we apply gentle pressure to the surrounding skin to coax the capsule out and to push out the contents.


Once the milia is freed from the skin, the patient may notice a small, dot-shaped scab. This can easily be covered with makeup and will heal in a few days. After, the skin will be smooth & clear.

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Benefits of a Professional Milia Extraction in Rochester

Safe, Sterile Environment

It is important to NEVER attempt to extract milia at home. You run the risk of seriously damaging your skin, plus developing an infection and scarring. Our Rochester office is a sterile, clinical environment that is ideal for milia extractions.

Quick & Easy

You’ll be in and out in no time after receiving a milia extraction by one of our medical professionals at Envision Eye & Aesthetics in Rochester, New York. Milia extraction is an effective and efficient way to completely eliminate the unsightly white bumps on your skin.

Client Results

Immediately after a milia extraction in Rochester, the cyst is eliminated and the skin’s texture is corrected. Patients experience a tiny scab over the extraction area(s) that can be easily covered by makeup and will heal in a few days.