BBL Hair Reduction in Rochester, New York

BBL Hair Reduction

Hair-Free Skin

As we start to age, unwanted hair appears in places we can’t seem to get rid of no matter how much we pluck, wax, or shave. BBL Hair Reduction, or Broad Band Light Therapy, is a procedure that uses the power of light to erase unwanted hair on your skin’s surface without damaging surrounding skin. BBL Hair reduction in Rochester, New York, will allow you to say goodbye to unwanted facial hair on the brow, chin, upper lip, and more. Allow yourself to feel youthful, radiant, and confident with BBL hair reduction in Rochester.

What It Treats

Unwanted Facial Hair

Recovery Time

No downtime

What is BBL Hair Reduction in Rochester?

BBL Hair reduction is a safe and reliable procedure performed at our Rochester, New York location that removes unwanted hair at its core and features treatments that can be customized according to hair color and texture. Using highly effective intense pulsed light (IPL), BBL gently heats the targeted area(s). The heat irrevocably damages the hair follicle, allowing them to be diminished and unable to show themselves again. After about two weeks, remaining hair follicles may continue to fall off. This ensures quality results you’ll be proud of.

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The Treatment Process for BBL Hair Reduction in Rochester, NY

The consultation

Our expert medical professionals at Envision Eye & Aesthetics will make sure a BBL hair reduction procedure will fit your needs and expectations.

Light Flashes

Light is fixated onto targeted areas by a trained technician at one of our three Rochester locations.

Heat Absorbed

As the heat targets theses areas, hair is damaged and naturally eliminated.

Hair Removed

The regrowth of hair is prohibited from the BBL hair reduction treatment in Rochester, New York.


Benefits of BBL Hair Reduction

Smooth, Clear Skin

After a BBL hair reduction therapy treatment, hair is removed to ensure your skin’s surface will be hair-free and baby smooth. This state-of-the-art laser technology eliminates hair forever. BBL hair reduction will allow your skin to be smooth and radiant without razors, waxing, or tweezing. Let yourself feel confident in your skin again with BBL hair reduction in Rochester.

For Men & Women

BBL hair reduction is not a procedure only for women. Envision Eye & Aesthetics offers BBL Hair Reduction in Rochester New York to both men and women who desire to remove excess or unwanted hair. Many patients experience positive results from BBL hair reduction treatments.

Client Results

After a BBL Hair reduction procedure, your skin will be extra sensitive to the sun’s rays. We recommend wearing suncreen with SPF30+ for around one month. This ensures your skin won’t be damaged or hurt.

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