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Our One Trip Lip Flip in Rochester

At Envision Aesthetics, we keep all our treatments simple, natural, and effective. So when Rochester needs the perfect pout, we’re the go-to for results in just one treatment. To get the most kissable lips of your life, we have options when it comes to your lip flip in Rochester.

Our treatments make the trends, they don’t follow them. So when you talk to our specialists, we discuss trusted, proven treatments, not what Tik Tok told us to recommend. In your consultation we’ll take a deep dive into your lips, your lifestyle, and how we can elevate your beauty. Here are a few common questions we answer every day.

Why do I need one?

Reason 3: A Sign of the Times 

As you age, your lips get smaller or thinner. This is due to volume loss in your philtrum, which makes it longer and flatter. Additionally, the distance between the corners of your mouth may increase creating a flatter, frumpy lip line. Aging also leads to more wrinkles such as laugh, scowl, or other lines that make you look years older than you might feel.

Reason 2: Scared of surgery?

Surgery of any kind can be scary. That’s why we specialize in both surgical and nonsurgical options. Surgical options can change the volume and shape of your lips. Additionally, they’re more expensive and often leave more bruising and swelling.

Reason 1: A Boost of Confidence. 

If your upper lip reveals too much of your gums when you smile it’s okay to be self-conscious! In some cases people stop smiling or laughing to hide their gums. Our lip flip in Rochester lets you laugh more, improve your self-esteem, and promote body positivity.

What are my options?

You deserve unique techniques for your natural look. At Envision, we have 2 nonsurgical options for your lip flip in Rochester. The first option we discuss is dermal fillers. 

Dermal Fillers

Our most common option for lip flips uses dermal fillers. These injections introduce hyaluronic acid fillers to specifically targeted areas around your lips. This works to restore volume and reduce wrinkles. These injections are temporary, with results lasting 8-18 months.

Why you’ll love it.

The reason clients love it is because of the flexibility of their treatment. For example, if you’re like many professionals and want a serious but sultry look in the office, we’ll tailor your lip flip in Rochester to your specific desired look. But if you’re taking that beach vacation and what that sexy pout for pictures, you’re free to request a touch-up before you take off!

Fat Grafting

While dermal fillers are a popular option for lip lifts in Rochester some patients want an even more natural look. To do this, we inject fat into their lips. By using your own tissue, fat grafting ensures no allergic reactions and can provide lip-plumping results that last 5+ years.

Naturally Boosting Natural Beauty

For this procedure, a plastic surgeon will take fat from another area of your body — commonly your stomach. Then we’ll run it through a process that purifies it, and precisely inject it into your lips. This lip flip in Rochester actually replaces the volume you’ve lost with your own natural cells. Making this one of the most natural, semi-permanent lip flips available.

What are the treatments like?

Needles, injections, centrifuges? How do these promote natural looks? With the skilled hands at Envision, your lip flip in Rochester uses technical expertise, to give you the best natural look possible. Here’s what to expect when you work with our specialists.


Before the first mark gets plotted, we take a deep dive into your health, your looks, and your life. By understanding what makes you, you, we’ll give you the best options to suit every part of your life. Your consultation lets us customize every part of your lip lift in Rochester.

Day of Treatment

Before your treatment, your specialist will give you prep tips to keep in mind. These include staying out of the sun and avoiding harsh cleansers before your treatment. On the day of your lip flip in Rochester, you’ll be greeted and escorted back to a comfortable operating chair. We’ll answer any final questions before your treatment, and get started.  

Dermal Filler Treatment

If you’re electing for our most popular option, injections usually take less than 30 minutes. To inject your lip flip in Rochester, we’ll map, numb, and inject each treatment area predetermined and agreed upon in your consultation. We’ll keep records of each injection to monitor and maintain your results in future treatments.

Fat Graft Treatment

For those going with our most natural option, we start by mapping out where we can best extract usable fat. After we extract the desired amount of fat, we run it through a purification process. This allows the fat cells to act naturally when we inject them back into the skin. Much like the dermal filler treatment, we’ll numb every treatment area for comfort throughout your lip flip in Rochester. As fat grafting is a more permanent option, we’ll only inject the optimal amount into each predetermined treatment area. This will require a little longer treatment time than the dermal fillers.

How long does it Last?

Each technique we use works differently, so they will have different durations for results. For Dermal fillers, you can expect up to 18 months until you may need additional treatment. Fat graft lip flips in Rochester use your own cells, so you can see results for years after your initial treatment. 

You’re also welcome to discuss additional treatments about 3 months between injections if you still have concerns. This is one of the biggest benefits of these minimally invasive lip flips.

Top 3 Benefits

3. Flexible Treatments

The fast treatment times paired with the flexibility for results make our options some of the best in the industry. You can sneak out for a lunch break, and get a lot more than that salad! Lasting, flexible results mean that you’re able to maintain that perfect pout on a packed schedule.

2. Proven Techniques

While you’re tending to that packed schedule, the last thing you need is more downtime. This is why our lip flips in Rochester make sure you have the most minimal pain, and bruising possible. With our skilled hands and proven techniques, your lips are one less thing you’ll worry about.

1.  Peace of Mind for Your Pout

With added confidence, more time, and a perfect pout, you’ll notice a difference in a lot more than your lips. As you strut more confidently and love your look in the mirror, you may notice more ways you’d like to show off your natural beauty. That’s where our custom-tailored plans come in handy.

Complementary Treatments

Your custom-tailored aesthetics plan at Envision includes a lot more than just a lip flip in Rochester. Together we’ll build a comprehensive plan that pairs the best treatments to help you retain your natural beauty and flip the script on aging.

Additional Dermal Fillers

We know what you’re thinking, this is obvious! Botox and Dysport are also excellent additions to most parts of your face as well. Patients often schedule additional dermal fillers in with their lip flip in Rochester to get an overall younger look.

Skin Rejuvenation

Even if you’re not needing to get rid of those wrinkles, we offer facials, dermaplaning, and microdermabrasion to create even sexier skin. These treatments only take a few more minutes but are often scheduled at least 2 weeks after a lip flip in Rochester. We usually wait until the fillers or transferred fat settle before treating any areas around the lips.

Hair Removal

Whether it’s a quick wax or an intensive BBL hair removal, our specialists are here to give you exactly what your beauty needs. With traditional and technical options, you can be sure people remember your pout instead of that pesky mustache. After you get to know all these options, you’ll only have one question on your lips in your consultation.

Why get a lip flip at Envision?

If your options aren’t enough, we’ll give you two more reasons why our clients keep coming back. The highly advanced techniques and specialized hands at the helm create results you’ll only achieve from our lip flips in Rochester.

Our Tools

We only use the most advanced tools at our disposal at Envision. Which lets our fat grafting look natural, and our dermal fillers last the longest. But even the best tools are useless without the skill to use them.

Our Skills

Our staff isn’t new to lip flips in Rochester. We’ve adjusted our treatments and training over the years to help thousands look and feel their best. So as we go over treatment options, you can be sure your specialist will have the most elite skills for the most technical procedures.

One Last Question…

Are you ready to perfect your pout? Then get the conversation started! Schedule your consultation today. Or use our virtual consultation tool to envision your results! We’re excited to empower your natural beauty!