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Lip Lift or Lip Flip? – Learn the Difference

Do you need a lip lift or lip flip? What’s the difference? At Envision, there’s a clear difference in our treatments and the specialists you can trust for them. So Take a few seconds to learn the difference you’ll find in our office. 

The difference you’ll find at Envision is two-pronged. The obvious difference comes from our array of options. You have choices when it comes to getting kissable, luscious lips. The biggest difference you’ll find is the level of care and professionalism every patient finds in our office. Here’s how we treat every patient like a friend.

The Difference a Lip Lift Can Make

A lip lift is often a blanket term for any lip surgery and some nonsurgical techniques. The biggest factor when choosing between a lip lift or lip flip is how permanent you want the results to be. Our surgical lip lifts in Rochester are a permanent option custom designed for your natural beauty.

How does it work?

At Envision, we start with a consultation, in your consultation, our specialists will talk about your lifestyle, goals, and current health. After an in-depth conversation, we’ll design a custom implant for your philtrum to the corners of your mouth. While these implants are permanent, you’re always welcome to adjust them for any future needs.

How a Lip Flip is Different.

For similar results with less permanent results, our patients have options. Whether we use fat grafting or dermal fillers is just as important as deciding between a lip lift or lip flip. Each option allows us to add semi-permanent and temporary volume based on your needs.

What it does.

Our most popular option for lip flips in Rochester uses dermal fillers. By injecting hyaluronic acid fillers to targeted areas this treatment works to restore volume and reduce wrinkles. These injections are temporary, only lasting on average 8-18 months.

While dermal fillers are popular, some patients desire the most natural option possible. Using your own tissue, we can graft fat to naturally restore your volume. Using your own cells ensures no allergic reactions and can provide lip-plumping results that last 5+ years.

A big difference for your perfect pout

When deciding between a lip lift or lip flip, you’ll also want to consider who’s treating you. Our skilled hands at Envision are the biggest difference you’ll find when it comes to any aesthetic treatments in Rochester. No Matter what option you choose, you can rest assured that our surgeons and specialists are experienced in getting results.

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The Difference at Envision.

Our skills aren’t the only thing that separates us from other medspas in Highland Park. Our process is totally unique to every patient. From the first conversation to your latest follow-up, you’ll be talking with our surgeon Dr. Whipple, or any of our specialists ready for any conversation. That means you have someone devoted to helping you love the way you look and live every day.

Quality Care

This level of care isn’t something you see every day. So when you’re considering a lip lift or lip flip, talk to the specialists who make a difference. Schedule your consultation today. Or use our virtual consultation tool from the comfort of your couch! We’re excited to show you the difference Envision can make!