Melasma Peel in Rochester New York

Melasma Peel in Rochester New York

Melasma Peel

Say Hello to Even Skin Tones

Melasma is a common skin condition that involves the skin to appear pigmented. Discoloration of the skin can occur to anyone at any stage of life. These uneven patches of skin can appear anywhere on the skin and typically occurs due to over exposure of the sun’s rays. A melasma peel is an effective way to say goodbye to these blotchy patches. Find your confidence with a melasma peel in Rochester, New York.

What It Treats

Melasma, Uneven skin tones, Hyper-pigmentation, Sun damage, and Pigmented blemishes

Procedure Time

Unique to the Individual

Recovery Time

2-3 days of peeling

What is a Melasma Peel?

We offer a Melasma Peel to help combat the skin’s hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tones, and unwanted discoloration to the skin. A Melasma Peel was created to combat these discolorations. It also aims to improve the uneven texture of one’s skin. After a Melasma Peel, your skin will appear brighter, smoother, and free of pigmented areas.

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A Melasma Peel Treatment Process

The consultation

Our expert medical professionals at Envision Eye & Aesthetics will make sure a Microneedling procedure will fit your needs and expectations.





Combined Ingredients

A Melasma Peel uses combined ingredients to effectively target all aspects of the skin.

Deep Penetration

A Melasma peel works hand in hand to remove the top layer, while not disrupting healthy, smooth layers.

Smooth, Even Finish

After the Melasma Peel is removed, your skin’s surface will now home a clear, smooth complexion.


Benefits of A Melasma Peel

Embrace Your New Skin

A Melasma Peel’s main objective is to target pigmented skin that has been harshly effected by the sun’s rays. Your skin will feel radiant and free of imperfections. A Melasma Peel from Envision Aesthetics in Rochester, New York, produces even, smooth skin tones you will feel confident in.

Client Results

Results of a Melasma Peel depend on the individuals previous skin type. Depending on the severity, many patients prefer to receive 3-4 Melasma Peels to ensure that their skin is free of pigmentation.

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