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Melasma Peel in Rochester New York

Cosmelan Peel

Say Hello to Even Skin Tone

Melasma is a common skin condition that causes the skin to appear discolored and marked by brown spots. Discoloration of the skin can occur to anyone at any stage of life as a result of environmental factors. These uneven patches of skin can appear anywhere on the skin and typically occur due to direct exposure to the sun’s damaging rays. A melasma peel is an effective, noninvasive way to say goodbye to these unsightly brown patches. Find your confidence with a melasma peel in Rochester, New York.

What It Treats

Melasma, Uneven Skin Tone, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Damage, and Pigmented Blemishes

Procedure Time

Unique to the Individual

Recovery Time

2-3 days of peeling

What is a Melasma Peel in Rochester?

After pregnancy, hormonal changes, or overexposure to UV radiation, brown patches called melasma can appear on the skin. We offer a melasma peel in Rochester, New York, to help our patients combat hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and unwanted discoloration. A melasma peel can also improve uneven skin texture. After a melasma peel in Rochester, your skin will appear brighter, smoother, and free of pigmented areas.

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The Melasma Peel Treatment Process

The consultation

Our expert medical professionals at Envision Eye & Aesthetics will make sure a melasma peel in Rochester will meet your unique needs and expectations.





Combined Ingredients

A melasma peel uses a combination of skin-loving ingredients to effectively target discoloration and uneven texture in the skin.

Deep Penetration

This physician-grade melasma peel penetrates deep into skin to address and correct environmental and hormonal hyperpigmentation with minimal downtime.

Smooth, Even Finish

After the chemicals in the melasma peel are removed, your skin’s surface will now appear clear, smooth, and glowing.

How Does a Melasma Peel Work?

A melasma peel in Rochester is a chemical peel that focuses on the treatment of melasma. At Envision Aesthetics, our melasma peel is filled with ingredients that will help replenish your skin and give it a fresh start. It works by increasing cellular turnover, which helps your skin get rid of old cells and push new ones to the surface.

Think of it as taking away the old layer and replacing it with a newer, smoother one. Once the peeling process is over, you’ll have skin that hasn’t been damaged by the sun or touched by other forces that cause melasma. Removing that layer of skin can also help with sun-induced melasma.

Once we apply the melasma peel, the chemicals and other ingredients act as a controlled destruction of the epidermis and dermis. This leads to total skin exfoliation and the regeneration of the epidermis and dermis. During the process, unwanted melanin will be targeted to reduce the amount of brown or gray spots that appears on your skin.

Our melasma peel at Envision Aesthetics is proven to improve melasma in even the most challenging circumstances for our Rochester patients. As a bonus, the peel can promote collagen growth, which has lasting anti-aging effects.

Cosmelan peel application.

What is melasma?

Melasma is a skin condition marked by spots of brown or gray hyperpigmentation. It’s most commonly found on the face, especially on the bridge of the nose, cheeks, forehead, and upper lip. Although the source of melasma isn’t fully clear, more than likely it stems from a malfunction of your body’s melanocytes, which are your color-making cells. Because of this, people with darker skin tones are more likely to be affected by melasma. 

There are four different types of melasma pigmentation patterns that a patient could suffer from. Therefore, our melasma peel treatments in Rochester are customized to each patient. 

  1. Epidermal: The epidermal type of melasma affects the superficial layers of the skin. These are more surface spots that are easier to get rid of. 
  2. Dermal: The dermal type of melasma is marked by the presence of melanophages, which are cells that ingest melanin. These melanophages are found throughout the dermis. 
  3. Mixed: The mixed type of melasma is just how it sounds. Patients with mixed melasma suffer from a combination of epidermal and dermal melasma. 

Unnamed type in dark skin: People with darker complexions may have a type of melasma that’s caused by an excess of melanocytes.

What causes melasma?

Everyone’s skin is different, so the cause of someone’s melasma can vary from person to person. At Envision Aesthetics, we understand that uniqueness and work hard to cater our melasma peels in Rochester to best fit your skin.


As with a lot of skin problems, your hormones play a part in the formation of melasma. Due to the change in hormone levels, pregnant women tend to find themselves suffering from those brown and gray spots. Ever heard of the “pregnancy mask”? It’s simply another name for the melasma pregnant women suffer from. Melasma can also occur when women start or stop birth control. Taking hormone replacement therapy may influence the occurrence of melasma.

Sun Exposure

Many of our patients find that their melasma is worse in the summer and calms down during the winter months.

Sun rays are damaging to the skin, which can cause brown spots to flair up on your face. But it’s not only the rays that cause harm. The heat that comes from the sun also impact melasma. So that means using sunscreen and other protectors may not always help.


Unfortunately, sometimes melasma is completely out of your control. Genetics are a major factor when it comes to the development of melasma. If you have close relatives who suffer from melasma, you’re more likely to get it yourself.

Finding a treatment for melasma can be frustrating since there’s a lot of misinformation about where it stems from. Fortunately, our melasma peel in Rochester is designed to fight against hyperpigmentation and uneven skin to give you a clearer and smoother face.

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Benefits of A Melasma Peel in Rochester

Embrace Your New Skin

The objective of a melasma peel is to target pigmented skin that has been harshly effected by the sun’s rays or hormonal changes. A Melasma Peel in Rochester from Envision Aesthetics produces an even, smooth skin tone you will feel confident in.

Before the Treatment

Before your melasma peel, we ask that our patients inform us about any medications they are taking, especially those that make your skin sensitive to the sun. You’ll also want to let us know if you’re taking any kind of retinoid cream, which may enhance the penetration of the peel.

During your consultation we will inspect your skin, including the tone and thickness. This will help us determine the best next step for you and if you will benefit the most from a melasma peel. Our trained professionals will take time to understand your needs and your skin goals and factor that into your treatment.

About a week before receiving your melasma peel at Envision Aesthetics, you’ll want to stop using any kind of facial scrubs or bleaching creams, but make sure your skin stays as moisturized as possible. That means avoiding any cleansers, serums, or creams that usually dry out your skin.

To prevent skin trauma and further damage after the treatment, our patients should stop using exfoliants like retinol or salicylic acid. Double check your products because those ingredients could be hidden inside without you even realizing it!

During the Treatment

We start a melasma peel by cleaning off any makeup, dirt, or oil that’s on your skin. (Oil acts as a barrier, which could hinder the effectiveness of the treatment of your melasma.) Our trained specialist will then apply the peel to the affected areas, or the entire face. You will more than likely feel a tingling sensation or minor burning during your treatment. The procedure time will vary from patient to patient; some patients will have more spots to treat while others may only have a few small areas.

After the Treatment

After a melasma peel in Rochester, your skin will be extremely sensitive to the sun. All of our patients should wear sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30. If you have to go outside, wear a wide-brimmed hat to avoid the sunrays.

Your skin will begin going through a peeling process, which means your old skin is falling away to reveal a smoother, more even complexion that you can be proud of. Expect to have around 2 to 3 days worth of post-treatment peeling. During this time, stay away from any harsh face products. You’ll want to cleanse with a mild soap and warm (not hot) water.

Client Results

Results of a melasma peel depend on the individual’s skin type and the extent of skin damage. Depending on the severity, many patients prefer to receive 3-4 melasma peels over a series of time to ensure that their results are maintained and their skin is totally clear.

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