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Chemical Peel in Rochester New York


Radiating Appearance

A Chemical Peel is designed to reduce visible signs of wrinkles, scars, acne, and age spots. It revitalizes the skin’s appearance using a safe chemical solution. A chemical peel in Rochester New York is crafted to enhance the skin’s surface on the face, neck, or hands.

What It Treats

Wrinkles, Scars, Acne, Age Spots, and Sun Damage

Recovery Time

0-2 weeks depending on peel

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel in Rochester New York is a procedure performed by a medical professional to smooth the texture of the skin. A safe chemical solution is applied to the face, neck, or hands. The solution gently exfoliates the skin which eventually causes the older skin to peel off. After a chemical peel, you can experience a smooth, rejuvenated surface.

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Benefits of Chemical Peels

Reduces Redness

A chemical peel can reduce any redness in the skin. Since a chemical peel is designed to peel back old layers of skin, you can overcome any redness and allow the new skin to shine.

Improves Scaring

Chemical peels at Envision Eye & Aesthetics in Rochester New York are created to visibly reduce the signs of scaring. Scars on the neck, hands, or face – such as acne scars, are ample uses of this treatment. The chemical peel pulls away top layers of the skin to uncover a smooth, refreshed layer of skin.

Treats Sun Damaged Skin

Sun damaged skin on the face, neck, or hands can be resolved with chemical peels. Sun damage is caused by the sun’s harsh ultra violet rays. This can lead to broken skin fibers and a loss of skin elasticity. A chemical peel visibly reduces the signs of sun damage by peeling back old layers of skin.

Client Results

The lifespan of a chemical peel is unique to the individual. Peels can last up to six months depending on the intensity of the peel. More intense peels that aim to reduce signs of wrinkling can last for 1-2 years. The lifespan depends on what the peel was intended to solve.

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