Earlobe correction surgery in Rochester, New York

Earlobe Correction

Restore Your Earlobes

Earlobes can tear, rip, split, or stretch for a variety of reasons including a tear from an earring, stretching from wearing heavy earrings over many years, aging, or intentional tribal ear piercing. Reconstructive plastic surgery can restore the appearance of your natural, youthful earlobes. We can reduce the size of large earlobes that make you feel less than your best. The section of the earlobe that was affected can be restored to a natural, normal earlobe. Dr. Whipple delivers expert care and precision when restoring.


What It Treats

Ripped earlobes
Split or stretched earlobes
Asymmetrical earlobes

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Recovery Time

No downtime
Mild bruising & swelling

What does an earlobe correction surgery in Rochester consist of?

Dr. Whipple consults with each individual to discover what the patient’s desired results are for their earlobe correction surgery in Rochester. From here, a plan is implemented and discussed in office. Since the procedure is minor, it talks little time to complete. Dr. Whipple aims to reshape the earlobe however the patient desires. Since each individual’s treatment is different, it’s best to discuss the treatment in office with Dr. Whipple.


Benefits of an Earlobe Correction in Rochester

Custom Treatment

There are several ways we can repair your earlobes when they have been torn or ripped, stretched, or otherwise injured. Dr. Whipple can discuss with you the procedures to correct the appearance of your earlobes quickly and easily.

After a consultation, there will be a collaborative agreement to help repair your earlobe back to its natural state. Each earlobe correction is personalized to achieve the best-looking results.