Waxing hand with Envision

Waxing in Rochester, New York


Skin You'll Love to Feel

Say goodbye to the razor, tweezing, and other at home treatments, and say hello to waxing. Many of us are tired constantly removing the unwanted hairs that swarm our legs, arms, bikini areas, face, and more. It becomes a major hassle to keep up with the growing patterns of our facial hairs. At Envision Aesthetics, say goodbye to unwanted hair with waxing in Rochester, New York. You and your skin will thank you its the smooth, flawless complexion.

What It Treats

Excess Hair on Brows, Chin, Cheek, Neck, Upper Lips, Legs, Underarms, Bikini Area, And More.

Procedure Time

30 Minutes

Recovery Time


Waxing Treatment Process

The Consultation

Our expert medical professionals at Envision Eye & Aesthetics will make sure waxing in Rochester will fit your needs and expectations.



Preparation Process

Our experienced staff will gently cleanse and sanitize the waxing area to ensure your safety and that the process runs smoothly.

The Wax

A test area will be waxed, and then the wax treatment will be applied to the skin.

Fast & Effective

The hair will be quickly and effortlessly removed to uncover smooth, beautiful skin.

Waxing hand with Envision

Throw Away Your Razor

If you are sick of shaving, and all that comes with it (razor bumps, cuts, ingrown hairs, and more), trade in your razor and come to Envision Aesthetics for the best waxing in Rochester, New York! Waxing helps you achieve a perfectly smooth, flawless complexion and gets rid of excess or unwanted hair. Men and women with any skin type or hair color can count on the experts at Envision to help them look instantly sleeker.


Benefits of Waxing in Rochester

Soft & Smooth

Waxing is a crowd favorite among many patients. It has the ability to shape eyebrows, remove upper lip hair, and wax areas of the facial region where unwanted hair lies. Once an experienced team member removes the wax, the surface area will appear baby smooth and soft.

Comfortable & Non-Invasive

Our team of experienced professionals ensures waxing in Rochester, New York, will move as swiftly as possible. This is a very simple treatment that we guarantee will be delivered with expert care and precision. Most patients report the pain as very minimal, if any at all.

Client Results

At Envision Aesthetics, waxing in Rochester, New York, typically takes anywhere from 30-40 minutes depending on the surface area(s). There is no downtime following a waxing procedure.