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Fat Grafting in Rochester, New York

Fat Grafting

Enhance Your Body

Fat grafting is a natural procedure that reuses your own resources to enhance areas or fill in irregularities and grooves in your body or face. It is ideal for individuals wanting a more natural filler option. Fat grafting works by taking excess fat from areas of the body and placing it into areas that are volume deficient, such as cheekbones, around the eyes, in the lips or to smooth out lines, scars, or other irregularities. It leaves your skin looking refreshed and full. It’s a revitalizing way to fill areas lacking in volume and obtain transformative results.

What It Treats

Sunken Cheeks, Hollow Eyes and Brow, Diminished Jaw Lines, Nasolabial Folds, Thin Lips, Sagging Eyelids

Procedure Time

1-5 hours depending on the individual’s preferences and treatment area(s)

Recovery Time

5-10 Days

What is fat grafting in Rochester, New York?

Fat grafting is an autologous fat transfer. Autologous fat transfer takes excess fat, typically from the abdomen or inner thigh, and replenishes areas that are lacking in volume. Fat grafting is a natural, non-invasive procedure that offers long-lasting transformative results. Using a syringe, unwanted fat is transferred to areas around the body that need volume.


Benefits of Fat Grafting

A non-invasive, natural procedure

Unlike other procedures, fat grafting doesn’t require going under the knife. Fat grafting is a simple, natural way to take excess fat and place it into areas of your body that are lacking volume or contour. This procedure is an effective way to obtain natural results without receiving an extensive procedure.

Safe & Effective

Fat grating is a safe procedure performed by professionals with genuine expertise. Because fat grafting uses your own resources, there’s no need to worry about a bad reaction. It’s a safe, effective, and natural way to fill volume deficient areas.

Client Results

Results of fat grafting in Rochester, New York, can several months or years, depending on the individual. Fat grafting is the simplest way to effectively utilize excess fat and allow it to thrive in a different environment. Your skin will look and feel full, fresh, and fantastic.