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Fat Grafting in Rochester, New York

Fat Grafting

Enhance Your Body

Fat grafting is a natural procedure that reuses your own resources to enhance areas or fill in irregularities and grooves in your body or face. It is ideal for individuals wanting a more natural filler option. Fat grafting works by taking excess fat from areas of the body and placing it into areas that are volume deficient, such as cheekbones, around the eyes, in the lips or to smooth out lines, scars, or other irregularities. It leaves your skin looking refreshed and full. It’s a revitalizing way to fill areas lacking in volume and obtain transformative results.

What It Treats

Sunken Cheeks, Hollow Eyes and Brow, Diminished Jaw Lines, Nasolabial Folds, Thin Lips, Sagging Eyelids

Procedure Time

1-5 hours depending on the individual’s preferences and treatment area(s)

Recovery Time

5-10 Days

What is Fat Grafting in Rochester, New York?

Fat grafting is an autologous fat transfer, which means excess fat, typically from the abdomen or inner thigh, is transferred and replenishes other areas that are lacking in volume. This facial fat transfer is best for patients wanting to contour and add projection to their face. It’s often the most economical choice to add volume to an aging face.

There’s a myth that fat grafting will make your face look “fat.” That’s simply not true. A lot of facial aging is due to the loss of fat. Adding it back, then, can give you back your youthfulness! When we’re younger, our faces are full of fat deposits; it’s what gives children that glowing, fresh look. As we age, those fat deposits become unbalanced, and areas where we have fat excess and atrophy come into view.

Research shows that our faces are made up of discrete fat compartments. Because of those fat compartments, our faces don’t age as a singular mass. Some areas will lose fat, while others may gain fat or remain the same. An example is under-eye puffiness. As your cheeks thin with age, the fat left under your eyes becomes more prominent. Fortunately, fat grafting in Rochester is the perfect solution to that problem.


Fat Transfer Process

Step One: Harvesting the Fat

Once you have decided on all of the specifics of your fat grafting procedure, the harvesting begins. We will apply a local anesthetic along with an oral sedative to keep you comfortable. We make a small incision at the harvest area and insert a cannula (a thin, hollow tube). The cannula is connected to a vacuum that will then remove and collect the fat. This technique is similar to liposuction, but less invasive. For this to be successful, harvesting your fat has to be done with care and caution. That’s why the process can take up to five hours.

Step Two: Purifying the Fat

Fat is a living tissue, so handling it properly once it’s outside of the body is incredibly important. Some of it will be lost in the process, but our specialists are highly experienced at minimizing how much is lost. The fat cells are spun in a centrifuge and filtered to remove any unwanted impurities. Once that process is done, the fat is moved from the centrifuge and into syringes.

Step Three: Transferring the Fat

When it’s time to transfer the fat to your face, we will numb the targeted areas. Using the syringe, we inject the fat into the treatment area as little droplets. We will continue this process to plump and smooth until the desired effect is achieved. You can trust that we take our time to make sure that the procedure gives that long-lasting, youthful look you want out of your fat grafting procedure in New York.  The transferred fat cells have to find a new blood source for them to survive, and that comes with the experience of the person doing the procedure. Our patients always achieve the results they want, because our professionals have the credentials and skills to ensure the success of those cells.

Fat Grafting versus Facial Fillers

You’ll rarely find a filler that’ll be as versatile, safe, and natural as your own fat. Since it is real tissue, it’s going to feel very natural to the touch. Because fat grafting in Rochester is 100% autologous, there’s no risk of hypersensitivity or allergic reaction. It’s from your body, so there’s no risk that your body will reject it.

Fat grafting can also be a more permanent solution than fillers. Over time, fillers will dissolve, and you’ll need to get them redone to maintain the look you desire. On the other hand, the fat transfer will only be affected by natural causes, such as aging and weight fluctuation.


Benefits of Fat Grafting

A non-invasive, natural procedure

Unlike other procedures, fat grafting doesn’t require going under the knife. Fat grafting is a simple, natural way to take excess fat and place it into areas of your body that are lacking volume or contour. This procedure is an effective way to obtain natural results without receiving an extensive procedure.

Safe & Effective

Fat grating is a safe procedure performed by professionals with genuine expertise. Because fat grafting uses your own resources, there’s no need to worry about a bad reaction. It’s a safe, effective, and natural way to fill volume deficient areas.

Lasting Anti-Aging Benefits

Fat is one of the best sources of stem cells. Because of that, fat grafting can have additional anti-aging benefits due to the cells’ growth factors and ability to stimulate collagen, even beyond the treatment areas. This results in long-term full facial rejuvenation from fat grafting!

Before the Procedure

There’s no scientific consensus on the best place to harvest fat. At Envision Aesthetics, we work with our patients to make that decision based on their unique needs and medical history. Although it varies, most of our female patients take fat from their stomach, hips, or thighs. On the other hand, most men choose to remove fat from the love handles or spare tire area. 

Before your fat grafting in Rochester, our specialists will have an in-depth conversation about where exactly you want the fat to be removed from. We will also make our own recommendations based on your specific goals. For thinner patients, we may have to take fat from multiple sources.

During the Procedure

Fat grafting in Rochester is a three-step procedure. Dr. Whipple and our team of professional medical providers make sure every step is done with extreme care to help you achieve the best results. During your appointment, we will first map out your face and where the fat will be harvested. In doing so, we ensure that your procedure is as accurate as possible.

The transferred fat cells have to find a new blood source for them to survive, and that comes with the experience of the person doing the procedure. Our patients always achieve the results they want, because our professionals have the credentials and skills to ensure the success of those cells

After the Procedure

Recovery from fat grafting shouldn’t be particularly painful, but most patients take between 5 to 10 days off work to recover from redness, swelling, or bruising. During this time, patients should avoid applying pressure to the treatment areas. When you need to wash your face or apply makeup, you should use a soft touch. In addition, having a high-carb diet for about a month after the procedure can help the graft take. 

Redness and swelling is expected and completely normal. Using ice to reduce swelling isn’t recommended, since too much cold could hurt the fat cell survival rate. But keeping your face elevated with pillows can help reduce the extra puffiness! This puffiness could last for about 2 to 3 weeks after your fat grafting procedure. We want all of our patients to understand that there will be volume fluctuations for the months following. 

In the first few months, some of the fat cells will die, causing some of the initial fullness to go away. At 3 to 4 months post procedure, your fullness will be at its lowest. From 4 to 9 months, the cells that have survived will start to plump up. Because of this, we like to say that it takes around 9 months for you to see the final results of fat grafting, though it can happen sooner.

Client Results

Results of fat grafting in Rochester, New York, can several months or years, depending on the individual. Fat grafting is the simplest way to effectively utilize excess fat and allow it to thrive in a different environment. Your skin will look and feel full, fresh, and fantastic.