Lip Augmentation in Rochester, New York

Lip Enhancement

Perfect Your Pout

Some are born with lips that are thin and not full enough for their desired preference. Some may begin to notice that the fullness of their lips is slowly starting to disappear over time. Lips can be surgically augmented, injected with hyaluronic acid fillers, or receive fat grafted from other parts of your body to give you the full, plump look you are striving for. Dr. Whipple will make sure you don’t end up with “duck lips.” Lip augmentations in Rochester, New York produce natural results that you’ll be proud of. Dr. Whipple strives to help you obtain your personal goals and create natural results.


What It Treats

Lip hypovolemia
Thin lips
Asymmetrical lips

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Recovery Time

1 week of minimal bruising

Lip Augmentation Processes

Lip Augmentation

Some patients wish to receive a surgical lip enhancement. This is a more permanent option with a lip implant that can be customized according to the desired result and can be inserted in an in-office procedure with local anesthesia.

Dermal Fillers

Most commonly, patients elect to have hyaluronic acid fillers injected to restore volume within the lips. These injections are temporary, with results lasting 8-18 months, depending on how quickly your body absorbs the material.

Fat Grafting

Some patients elect to have their fat injected back into their lips. Utilizing your own tissue with fat grafting ensures no allergic reactions and can provide lip plumping results that last 5+ years.

Available Options

At your individual consultation, Dr. Whipple will be happy to discuss all available options to help you make the best choice for yourself. A lip augmentation procedure is reliable, safe, and yields excellent results.

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Benefits of Lip Augmentation in Rochester

Full & Plump Lips

Immediately after your procedure, your lips will visibly be fuller. Swelling can take a couple of days to decrease, but you will be left with an improvement that can be as subtle or obvious as you wish it to be. Our trained medical professionals can help you attain any desired lip enhancement looks you wish to have. We produce natural, beautiful results that you will be proud of.

Customized Results

As each individual has different desires for future results, a Lip Enhancement procedure is unique and customizable to mimic each patient’s wishes. During your consultation, the desired size and shape of your new pout will be discussed with Dr.Whipple. A lip augmentation in Rochester produces natural results that are unique to the individual and provides fuller lips.

Client Results

Every individual will receive results that are unique and tailored to their preferences. Results will vary depending on the patient and the treatment method used.

Lip lift before and after.