dry eye light therapy

Dry Eye Light Therapy in Rochester, New York

Dry Eye Light Therapy

An alternative treatment for dry eye

Dry Eye Disease (DED) is the most common reason for a patient to visit a healthcare professional. While countless therapies exist to treat the symptoms of DED, there is no cure. For patients that have failed conventional treatments for DED, broad band light (BBL) is a treatment option to consider. At Envision Aesthetics, we offer dry eye light therapy in Rochester, New York, that uses the power of light to liquefy and release hardened oils that have clogged the glands in your eyelids, resulting in chronic dry eyes.

What It Treats

Dry Eye Disease (DED), Light Sensitivity, Blurred Vision

Procedure Time

20 minutes

Recovery Time

No downtime

What is Dry Eye Light Therapy in Rochester?

The use of BBL therapy for eyes was discovered by accident. After performing BBL treatments to treat rosacea and acne, a doctor heard many patients reporting that their eyes felt much better after sessions under the light, even though the intense pulsed light (IPL) was not aimed directly at their eyes. This triggered studies into the use of BBL for dry eye, and resulted in our dry eye light therapy in Rochester, New York at Envision Aesthetics! The treatment is applied to ear to ear, shutting down inflammatory vessels and cleaning out the eyelid glands to bring back moisture flow.


The Dry Eye Light Therapy Process

Free 1 Hour Consultation

Our team will sit with you for a free, 1 hour consultation. During this consultation we will make sure that dry eye light therapy in Rochester will meet your expectations.

Eye Safety

Before we begin the BBL treatment, we will make sure we cover your eyes to protect them from the intense pulsed light. We will also apply an ultrasound gel to the treatment area to help soothe the skin and make treatment easier.

BBL For Dry Eye

We begin the treatment by moving the handpiece around your eyelids to gently heat the skin and liquefy and loosen oils that are clogging the eyelids’ meibomian glands and causing the dry eye symptoms. After a series of treatments, patients notice dramatic dry eye relief.

dry eye light therapy in rochester

Benefits of Dry Eye Light Therapy In Rochester

Make Dry Eye Manageable

We don’t currently have a way to cure dry eye, but we can make your disease more manageable. Studies have shown increased rates of anxiety and depression in patients with dry eye due to the effect it has on the ability to do the things you love. Let Dr. Whipple and her team get you back to the life you love.

More Comfortable Eyes

Grittiness, sandy, achy are the most common words Dr. Whipple hears when patients talk to her about dry eye. Dry eye light therapy in Rochester can improve all of those symptoms and you can see improvement in as little as one treatment. As a result, you may be able to decrease your dependency on lubricating drops or other medications.

Take The Focus Off Your Eyelids

Patient with ocular rosacea and dry eye typically have red, irritated, crusty eyelids that look as painful as they feel. Often patient say they are embarrassed because people will point out and ask questions about their red eyes. Our dry eye light therapy can help with those symptoms and also the appearance of redness on eyelid. These treatment improve the appearance as well as the symptoms related to your eyes.

Client Results

In Dr. Whipple’s clinic, approximately 80% of patient obtain at least 80% improvement in their dry eye symptoms after having dry eye light therapy in Rochester, New York. An even greater percentage report some improvement. And 95% of patients would being willing to have the treatment again if needed to treat dry eye.