Forever Young BBL in Rochester, New York

Forever Young BBL™

Picture Perfect Skin

Forever Young BBL™ by Sciton is an FDA-approved procedure that harnesses the power of broad-spectrum light (BBL) transform your complexion and even reverse gene expression in your skin’s DNA, making you look years younger. It uses state-of-the-art intense pulsing lights to gradually reverse the signs of rosacea, aging, sun damage, acne, and more. We even offer a bruise treatment with BBL! Forever Young BBL in Rochester, New York works efficiently and effectively to remarkably improve the complexion.

What It Treats

Rosacea, Age Spots, Wrinkles, Acne, Acne Scars, Sun Damage, Bruises, Skin Laxity

Procedure Time

30-40 minutes

Recovery Time

No required downtime

What is Forever Young BBL in Rochester, New York?

Forever Young BBL distributes heat and light energy through dual-lamp pulsing technology to defined areas on the skin. Wavelengths from light energy allow for precise targeting to designated areas. The energy waves from BBL work to repair both surface skin and tissue deeper in your dermis, all while leaving undamaged cells perfectly protected. The light stimulates your body’s natural collagen production, further plumping and firming skin for a glowing complexion.

Forever Young BBL treatment selection on machine.
BBL device with patient and specialist.

How collagen affects aging skin

Many of our clients come in wondering exactly how collagen can help their skin. Some try products such as lotions and creams that have collagen infused in them thinking that will have the same effect. Unfortunately, the molecules in those products are too big to penetrate the skin.

Collagen makes up the structure of the skin. Simply speaking, it’s the framework that keeps everything together and is in charge of giving the skin firmness.

Collagen fibers are plentiful when you’re younger, but as you start to age, sun damage and other factors break down those fibers. In addition, long-term sun exposure degrades the integrity of our skin.

That’s what makes Forever Young BBL in Rochester, New York so successful. By peeling off the damaged, dead layer of skin, the treatment can promote collagen growth to rebuild the structure of your skin.

Light Versus your Skin

There is a wide spectrum of light wavelengths – some of which are extremely beneficial, and others which can be harmful to skin.

Light energy with a shorter wavelength, like X-rays and UV rays, penetrate the skin with ionizing radiation, altering your DNA and causing serious damage. The sun emits these rays, including UVA and UVB; they are to blame for premature aging, wrinkles, sagging, brown spots, and even skin cancer.

Other wavelengths, on the other hand, like broad band light or LED light, have therapeutic effects on the skin, selectively targeting and removing impurities when focused on a particular area. This light energy can even reverse some of the visible damage done to the skin by UV rays!


Who can get Forever Young BBL acne treatment in Rochester?

Forever Young BBL in Rochester, New York is perfect for people looking to reduce sun damage, wrinkles, acne, and age spots. Throughout the years, sun exposure causes our skin to lose its youthful glow. It causes visible signs of aging such as dark spots, acne scars, and wrinkles. Forever Young BBL is a great way to help reverse those signs to leave your skin rejuvenated and fresh.

Forever Young BBL in Rochester, New York can be right for you if have:

-Wrinkles and fine lines
-Acne scars
-Sun damage
-Age spots
-Skin laxity

The great thing about the Forever Young BBL treatment is that it works for all skin types. Plus, it’s perfect for aging prevention for people in their 20s and 30s. Our trained professionals ensure that our Forever Young BBL treatment is administered with care so that you get the best results possible.

Where do skin imperfections come from?

When it comes to skin imperfections, all clients are different, and the source can come from a variety of factors. Fortunately, Forever Young BBL in Rochester, New York can work to fix rosacea, skin laxity, sun damage, scarring, and fine lines & wrinkles, and more—regardless of what caused those issues.

Age- As we get older, our skin starts to sag and the elasticity begins to fade, causing wrinkles and lines. This happens to everyone at some point in time as the years pass.

Sun exposure- Sun exposure can rack up major damage over the years, especially if you don’t wear SPF regularly. Over time, sun damage can create dark spots, rough skin, and wrinkles.

Genetics- It’s probably not what you want to hear, but the amount skin perfections and other signs of aging you have can also depend on genetics. Your genetics also play a part in how soon issues such as wrinkling and skin laxity occur.


Benefits of Forever Young BBL in Rochester

Reduce the signs of aging

ForeverYoung BBL works to visibly reduce – and even reverse – the signs of aging through light therapy. BBL is designed to stimulate collagen production and restore gene expression in the skin. Collagen is a natural growth protein in your body which maintains the smooth, plump skin. Wrinkles are diminished by BBL to produce a smoother look and feel. Forever Young BBL uses light therapy to revive and strengthen the surface producing a youthful, revitalized appearance.

Immediate results with no down time

A Forever Young BBL procedure time is quick and effective. Our team of professionals have years of training to provide top-of-the-line treatments. Once the procedure is complete, patients see results within weeks and experience little to no downtime. It’s an effective and efficient treatment that will leave you glowing.

Safe, effective procedure

Forever Young BBL can effectively target Rosacea, aging, sun damage, wrinkles, acne scars, and more. It’s an extremely safe and effective noninvasive treatment that will leave you feeling revived and rejuvenated immediately after.

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The Gold Standard of Care

A Forever Young BBL treatment should never be performed by someone who isn’t a trained professional because that could negatively impact your results, or worse, cause even more damage to your skin. For the best results, you’ll want to go somewhere you trust. At Envision Aesthetics, our physician Dr. Whipple is board certified in ophthalmology, with a specialty board-certification by the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Oculofacial Plastic Surgery. With us, you’ll be getting the gold standard every time.

Before the Treatment

Before your Forever Young BBL treatment, you will meet with one of our experienced specialists at Envision Aesthetics for a free one-hour consultation. During that time, we’ll talk about your specific skin-rejuvenating goals. Our goal is to cater the treatment to your skin so that you’ll receive the best results possible. We closely listen to all of our clients to give them the best med spa service in Rochester.

We recommend the treatment for clients looking reverse the visible signs of aging without having to go under the knife. Before your treatment, we will evaluate your skin to make sure Forever Young BBL in Rochester, New York is right for you!

During the Treatment

Make sure you come in for your appointment a little early so we can check you in. During your Forever Young BBL treatment, our trained specialist will penetrate your skin using quick pulses of broad band light energy.

As your skin heats, a powerful cooling mechanism maintains the outer layer of the skin keeping you comfortable and at ease. The infrared energy promotes collagen production, giving you a new foundation for clearer, younger-looking skin.

Depending on the client, Forever Young BBL in Rochester, New York can take between 30 to 40 minutes.

After the Treatment

After your Forever Young BBL treatment at our Rochester medical spa, you’re free to leave the office and go about your day! There’s no recovery time, so you don’t have to worry about downtime or taking off work. You may experience some mild redness immediately after the treatment, but that usually goes away within a few hours. You’ll soon notice improvement in your skin’s tone and texture. Finally you’ll have clear, glowing skin that’ll have you looking just as young as you feel.

Client Results

Forever Young BBL has the potential to provide results for up to six months. Forever Young BBL in Rochester, New York is a professional aesthetic procedure that works to visibly reduce the signs of aging. It creates smoother, softer skin that you will feel comfortable and confident in.

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