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How much will your Hydrafacial cost?

This is a great question to ask when considering any facial treatments. When we talk with our clients, we lay out treatment options for every skin type, condition, and budget. At Envision Aesthetics, we make beautiful skin as accessible as it is radiant.

For HydraFacials we have 3 treatment levels. Each level goes deeper than the last. We treat our clients like we’d treat a loved one, so we make sure you get what you pay for at each level.

Hydrafacial cost and level of Treatment.

Each level of Hydrafacial produces the best results for its price point. That means while you enjoy and maintain your results, you have peace of mind when it comes to your HydraFacial cost. Our Hydrafacial packages cost as follows.

Standard – $200

Deluxe – $250

Ultimate – $300 

Our specialists will recommend your treatment level based on your lifestyle, desired results, and budget. We can schedule follow-up appointments as well based on your desired result consistency.

$ Standard

Our standard treatment takes the least amount of time and is a great way to maintain clean skin. This treatment helps our clients maintain the effects of a higher level treatment first while keeping their Hydrafacial cost low.

It includes the standard cleanse, and exfoliation. Hydra dermabrasion can be added as well for an even deeper clean. The pre-cleanse consists of the same clinical-grade cleansers we use in the other two levels.

$$ Deluxe

Our deluxe treatment includes hydra dermabrasion, cleansing, and exfoliation. We also include a booster to add an extra amount of glow to your natural radiance. This is our most recommended treatment for returning patients for a few reasons.

Our specialists recommend this treatment to keep your Hydrafacial cost consistent which helps with budgeting for your beauty. We also recommend it because it maintains a natural glow and can be customized for different results with each treatment. It only takes a few more minutes than our standard treatment.

$$$ Platinum

Our Platinum level of treatment is the best way to experience a Hydrafacial treatment for the first time. This HydraFacial costs just $50 more than our Deluxe treatment and takes only minutes longer than the Deluxe treatment. The Platinum treatment includes everything mentioned previously, but we add lymphatic drainage. 

This additional step doesn’t just work for your outer facial beauty. Lymphatic draining actually helps to rid your face of toxins so your results can last even longer. This is why our specialists recommend this treatment for your first HydraFacial. The results last long enough for a wedding week or a multi-day photoshoot. Our clients often reschedule this treatment with check-ins in between to talk over any future needs or concerns.

Additional Hydrafacial costs.

We can schedule other treatments before or during your Hydrafacial treatment. This helps to keep your most valuable asset in mind when thinking about your Hydrafacial cost: time. When you talk over treatments in your consultation, you may discuss different procedures on different parts of your face. 

For example, we can schedule a peel a few days before your HydraFacial treatment to produce even better results with less time in each treatment. We can even use additional light therapy with Forever Young or Forever Clear BBL treatments. We schedule your treatments and follow-ups with your lifestyle in mind. That way you can budget your time and money while living your best life.

Is HydraFacial right for you?

Everyone is different, so your treatment should be different as well! In your consultation, your specialist will go over options to create your most radiant results while keeping your HydraFacial cost in mind. If you have no concerns about lines or sagging, we may prescribe a Hydrafacial right away. However, if your specialist recommends a neck lift or facelift, we plan your facial treatment accordingly.

The right place for the most radiant you.

Our specialists may be a little biased when we recommend the go-to for HydraFacial treatments. But seeing is believing. Check out our client results to see real results from real people. Patients recommend us not only because we provide the best treatments for their budget and beauty. They recommend us for the level of care we put into every treatment at Envision Aesthetics.

Radiant skin is within reach!

Our practice believes that everyone should feel healthy and look great. That’s why we made the first step to radiant skin easy. Schedule your consultation in person. Or use our virtual consultation tool to envision your results! When you’ve decided to take the plunge, check out our specials to make your HydraFacial cost even lower!