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The top 3 facial treatments in Rochester.

Envision Aesthetics has become the go-to for facial treatments in Rochester. In our years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of people look and feel their best. We provide options to help with everything from lines and wrinkles to sagging skin. One of the most sought-after treatments this time of year is a facial.

When you begin your journey to radiant skin, we start with a consultation. Your consultation should fit your life. To get a general idea of your results, you can use our virtual consultation option. But for a more in-depth conversation, our in-person consultation gets to the root of your concerns.

During your in-person consultation, we’ll give you options to meet your goals and address any concerns. If you’re concerned about wrinkled, sagging, or discolored skin, our specialist will most likely recommend a clinical facial treatment.  

What facial treatment in Rochester is right for you?

This isn’t your typical spa day with your friends. Clinical facial treatments at Envision Aesthetics are tailor-made for each and every client. Our practice has so many options because we’re experts in very specialized treatments. 

Your In-depth consultation.

When you talk to a specialist, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to start. Our advice to you in your consultation is to start with the basics and let us take care of the rest. While we always advise our clients to be educated, there’s nothing better than learning from our years of experience!

Our specialists set their sights on enhancing your natural look rather than creating a new one. So to tackle your concerns, we present the best options to give you the best-looking skin of your life. We can talk over options you’ve looked into to give you the best recommendations for your wants and needs. But if you ask a specialist what our best facial treatments are, these are our recommendations.

Our top 3 facial treatments in Rochester.

Our top 3 recommendations have different techniques, but they all get the best results. The right treatment for you depends on your preference as well as your goals. These facial treatments work on all skin types, ages, and conditions. We’ve even helped patients with damaged skin feel and look their best! 

#1 HydraFacial

This is one of the top picks for most clients this winter season and all year round. HydraFacials in Rochester are a go-to for clean, radiant skin. Clients of all ages use this treatment to prepare for prom, photoshoots, or a very special day. 

Our HydraFacial treatments start by cleaning your face using state-of-the-art tools. A specialized vacuum works to deep clean pores and we can follow up with microdermabrasion. After we have a clean canvas, our specialists introduce boosters to give you a natural, radiant glow.

Hydrafacial is one of the most in-demand facial treatments in Rochester for the results and flexibility of the treatment. Our three levels of treatment keep radiance within reach for everyone while giving the best results possible.

Levels of HydraFacial


Our standard includes a deep cleansing treatment to professionally exfoliate your skin. We can add hydra dermabrasion for a deeper clean as well. Most clients use this treatment to “top off” their radiance achieved with one of our other levels of HydraFacial.


Our Deluxe treatment includes a deep cleanse as well as hydra dermabrasion. We also include a booster to add an extra amount of glow to your natural radiance. This is our most popular option to pair with treatments like Forever Young BBL or microblading.


Our Platinum level of treatment is the best way to experience a facial treatment in Rochester for the first time. The Platinum treatment includes everything in our deluxe as well as lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage doesn’t just work for your outer facial beauty. It Works for your inner health as well. This helps your results last the longest. This is a very popular treatment before weddings or prom.

#2 Salt Facial

One of the latest innovations used for facial treatments in Rochester is the Salt Facial. This treatment process is much like others but uses very diverse approaches to bring out your face’s natural beauty. We start by exfoliating the skin with all-natural sea salt. Next, we use ultrasound technology to introduce antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. We finish this treatment with LED therapy that takes care of any acne, or redness while also promoting collagen production.

These facial treatments in Rochester blend the best tools for the best results. Our Salt Facial handpiece is a simple tool that effectively removes any debris and dead skin. The ultrasound portion works with customized serum and the LED light uses different wavelengths in tandem. All of these techniques used together work to produce youthful, lasting results.

#3 Unicorn Facial

This facial is known by a less catchy name, PRX-233 facials. It’s been called the unicorn facial for a few reasons. One reason is that it’s rare to find a chemical facial treatment with this level of effectiveness and minimal to no downtime. The other is that it leaves some of the best results the aesthetics world has seen to promote youthful, clear skin.

This facial treatment is essentially a TCA peel without side effects. By using Hydrogen Peroxide, PRX-233 removes any dead or dry skin under the surface without removing healthy skin from the top layer. This technique was originally designed to help children reduce the look of scars. But since hitting the aesthetics world, this treatment has been praised by specialists and patients alike.

Your facial treatment with Envision Aesthetics.

When planning any treatment with Envision Aesthetics we make sure your treatments fit your lifestyle. That’s why your consultation goes deeper than just what you want to look like. Our specialists go in depth to build a treatment plan that works best for you and your results. Here’s what to expect when you trust us with your facial treatment.


After your consultation, your specialist will let you know if you need to change anything about your current lifestyle. For example, if we schedule you for facial plastic surgery, you would have to follow the same rules for any surgery. For facial treatments, we usually don’t require many special preparations. But your specialist may recommend staying out of the sun and washing your face regularly prior to treatment. These preparations help the cleansing stage for the best results possible.

With other treatments, your specialist may recommend changes to your schedule. But with most of our facial treatments, you can stop in over lunch and get right back to work. With more in-depth processes like HydraFacial, you may have to take a longer lunch or schedule it around the end of your work day. But with virtually no downtime, our patients can get right back to work or family in no time! 

During Your Facial Treatment

When you check-in, you’ll be escorted to a treatment room with a comfortable bed. Some of our clients feel so relaxed that our specialists have to keep them awake! Envision Aesthetics believes in treating our patients like we’d treat a loved one. So your aesthetician will make sure you are comfortable throughout your treatment.

Your treatments actually take that comfort into consideration when we decide which options are the best. Everyone is different so your treatment will be as well. 

For example, we can fine-tune your BBL treatment for the most relaxing experience and the best results. We do so by adjusting the light levels and machine. During your facial treatment, your specialist will always check in with your comfort throughout. 

After your appointment.

Since there is virtually no downtime after most of our facial treatments, our patients can start seeing results almost immediately after their facial. 

You’ll want to show off your treatment everywhere. But a sunny beach day or intense light from a photoshoot may affect how long your results will last. Ask your specialist about any recommended skincare and preparations after your facial treatment. We will schedule any follow-ups and recurring treatments before you leave your initial treatment.

Rochester’s go-to for facial treatments.

Whether this is your first time, or you’ve been getting facial treatments for decades, there’s always something exciting in the world of aesthetics. This is why we’ve been able to provide upstate New York with the best results for decades. Our highly trained specialists keep up with the latest techniques and technology to provide the best service to our clients.

We treat our clients like we treat our friends and family because we are! Our patients don’t just have a trusted specialist for the initial consultation, They have a friend in the field they can check in with and discuss everything from their senior prom to crow’s feet. This is what sets our practice apart from other medspas. The results alone speak volumes. But our clients truly appreciate the level of care they experience from their first treatment to their latest check-up.

Radiant Results Await!

Get ready for the most radiant summer of your life. Start by booking an appointment with a specialist. Or if you want to envision your results before we meet, use our virtual consultation tool to picture a younger, healthier you! Our specialists will be happy to talk soon!

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