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How to Get Rid of Brown Patches on Skin: Forever Young BBL in Rochester

When you’re trying to have clear, smooth skin, there’s nothing more frustrating than annoying brown patches. If only there were a treatment that could finally get rid of them. 

Guess what? There is! 

With Forever Young BBL in Rochester, you no longer have to trudge through a multitude of treatments and lightening creams; you can get amazing skin-rejuvenating results all with the power of light! 

At Envision Aesthetics, we believe that Forever Young BBL is a great way to gain age-defying, clear skin without worrying about excessive downtime or pain. Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out everything we think you should know about how to get rid of brown patches on your skin. 

The difference between Forever Young BBL and laser therapy

Often, our clients mistake BBL technology as a “laser treatment,” referring to ForeverYoung BBL as a “bbl laser.” Although they both use energy to heat tissue and promote collagen production, they also have key differences. 

Forever Young BBL uses BroadBand Light therapy to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Laser therapy uses ablative or non-ablative wavelengths (or both when it comes to the Halo laser). Ablative wavelengths target the top layer of skin (epidermis) while non-ablative wavelengths target the deeper layers (dermis). 

BroadBand Light uses light therapy, which is always an ablative technique. Pulses of controlled, high-intensity light heat your skin’s tissue, kickstarting the body’s natural healing process. During healing, fibroblasts (collagen-producing cells) work overtime to create more collagen. That means that you’ll continue to see your results improve long after your treatment is done. 

Since we leave the epidermis unharmed, light therapy greatly reduces downtime and discomfort, while still attacking a variety of skin conditions. As a result, skin becomes clearer, smoother, and more youthful with less risk. 

Where do brown patches on skin come from?

Learning how to get rid of brown patches on your skin first involves understanding where they come from. Brown patches are caused by a variety of factors, and the size and tone of them often vary from person to person. Below are a few of the most common causes of brown patches on the skin.

Sun damage

One of the biggest culprits that cause dark spots is sun damage, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Going out in the sun or tanning can lead to brown patches appearing on your face, hands, chest, and back. They tend to appear over time, even though it may seem like they came over night. 


Hormonal changes can lead to a condition called melasma. Melasma is a skin condition marked by spots of brown or gray hyperpigmentation. It’s most commonly found on the face, especially on the bridge of the nose, cheeks, forehead, and upper lip.

Although the source of melasma isn’t fully clear, more than likely it stems from a malfunction of your body’s melanocytes, which are your color-making cells. Because of this, people with darker skin tones are more likely to be affected by melasma.

Read more for other melasma treatment options.


Like many skin conditions, your genetics can play a huge role in the formation of dark spots. Although it’s definitely a bummer, if you have a close family member with brown patches, then you’re more likely to get them yourself.

Irritation or allergic reaction

Certain skin products and cosmetics could irritate your skin, leading to dark spots and hyperpigmentation. In some cases, negative reactions may be irreversible with traditional methods such as creams and facial washes. 

Find the best skincare products for all skin types. 

What other skin conditions does Forever Young BBL treat?

Forever Young BBL is one of those beauty secrets you’ll be dying to share with your friends!  Not only does it improve (and sometimes even completely get rid of) your brown patches, it can also target a wide range of skin conditions. That’s exactly what makes BBL great for all skin tones and skin types! In general, BBL can treat conditions such as:


  • Rosacea & broken blood vessels
  • Acne & enlarged pores
  • Sun damage
  • Unwanted hair
  • And more!


Want to know exactly how it works? Okay, we’ll tell you 😉

Rosacea and broken blood vessels

Tiny blood vessels throughout the face and body aren’t necessarily harmful, but they can cause self-esteem issues for people who have them, just like brown patches. These broken blood vessels create a web-like appearance just below the skin’s surface. It can also lead to rosacea (redness caused by enlarged veins). 

Unfortunately, there isn’t one single cause behind visible blood vessels, but some factors can include:

Genetics: If you have close relatives with broken blood vessels, you’re more likely to have them too.

Sun exposure: Like many conditions, sun exposure may play a part in the formation of broken vessels. 

Hormones: Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, can cause flairs in blood vessels. 

Neurovascular or immune disorders: Neurovascular or immune disorders can cause a microscopic skin mite called Demodex to emerge. More than likely, Demodex is what leads to rosacea. 

Photothermal energy from Forever Young BBL in Rochester eliminates fine vessels to reduce the appearance of rosacea and broken blood vessels. 

Acne, acne scars, & enlarged pores

If you suffer from acne, it’s not something to be ashamed of. Actually, acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S., so you’re definitely not alone.

It’s no secret that getting rid of acne can be extremely difficult and complex, yet the way it forms is pretty straight forward. Your skin is made up of tiny pores. When dirt, oil, and other debris get trapped inside them, it causes an infection. This infection leads to pimples, and if the condition spreads, it leads to acne. Plus, enlarged pores are more likely to get infected. 

Common types of acne include:


  • White heads: closed bumps under the surface of the skin
  • Black heads: open bumps that are black due to oxygen exposure
  • Cysts: large, painful lumps under the skin that contain pus
  • Pustules: tiny red pimples with pus at the tips
  • Papules: small red bumps from infected hair follicles

A lot of people have acne at some point in their life, especially during adolescence and early 20s. Even when acne disappears, they can leave behind crater-like scars. Acne scars can be very moderate and localized to severe and widespread. To top it off, once they naturally heal, those scars can turn brown or red. 

Just like getting rid of brown patches, with BBL therapy, light energy reduces excess pigmentation by restoring skin to its natural color. 

Sun damage

If you loved to soak up the sun but didn’t wear sunscreen when you were younger, you may now be noticing the effects of sun damage. Harmful UVA and UVB rays penetrate the skin with destructive ionizing radiation, which breaks down collagen and causes a variety of conditions like:


  • Freckles
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Melasma
  • Age spots

Creams and SPF can protect your skin from future damage, but what about the damage you already have? That’s where Forever Young BBL in Rochester comes in. BBL fights against sun damage and brown patches by promoting healthy skin growth. New skin emerges, replacing the damaged skin that was there before. 

Benefits of BroadBand Light therapy

We won’t say the benefits of BroadBand Light are endless (we’ll save the cliches for another time), but they are a huge reason why we recommend Forever Young BBL therapy for many of our clients. Aside from being a great way to get rid of brown patches on the skin, BBL is also:


Compared to other treatments, getting BBL is a fast and easy process. Most people are surprised at how quick everything goes. Keep in mind that your treatment time will 100% depend on the size and severity of your treatment area(s). 


You may notice some discomfort (slight stinging and snapping)  or the sensation that your skin is heating up, but otherwise, most people find that Forever Young BBL is virtually painless. For more sensitive areas, your provider may use a topical anesthetic to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. 

Little downtime

Unlike some traditional lasers, you won’t have to worry about excessive downtime after your Forever Young BBL treatment for your brown patches and other skin concerns. You might notice some redness, but that usually goes away within a few hours. In the next few days, your skin will feel smoother and softer, and look younger, than it has in years.

What happens when you get a Forever Young BBL treatment at Envision Aesthetics

If you’re looking for the best brown patch treatment using Forever Young BBL in Rochester, then Envision Aesthetics is your place to go. We take time with each of our clients to truly show them how much we care about their skin by giving them amazing results. 

Step one: Consultation

Before we do anything, we want to get to know you! Our Forever Young BBL treatment comes with a free consultation so that we can learn about your skin and your long-term goals. We’ll carefully examine your problem areas, including your brown patches, to make sure that the treatment is right for you. Then, we’ll create a customized treatment plan, which will include how many sessions you’ll need to gain the results you’re after. We’ll get you on the schedule for your first Forever Young BBL treatment and you’ll be on your way!

Step two: Cleanse and prep

When you arrive for your Forever Young BBL treatment in Rochester at Envision Aesthetics, we’ll first take you to a comfortable treatment room and thoroughly cleanse the treatment area(s) to remove any dirt, oil, and other debris. During this time, we’ll also mark areas we need to avoid. This includes, moles, tattoos, permanent makeup, etc. After, we’ll cover your eyes with a protective shield to avoid ocular light damage. 

Step three: Deliver the light

Now onto the exciting part. Using precise pulses, the BBL handpiece administers high-intensity light into the skin. Tissue absorbs the light and converts that energy to heat, which triggers the body’s healing process and begins working to get rid of brown patches and other concerns.

Even with the eye shield, the light will appear bright, but it’s nothing to worry about.

Step four: Post-treatment

After the treatment is done, we’ll apply a hydrating cream and SPF to protect the skin. The treatment areas may appear red or flushed, which usually goes away within a few hours. If you have prominent pigmentation, those areas may become darker. Don’t worry! In those cases, your skin may get worse before it gets better. Temporary darkness lasts around 10 to 14 days.

For some people with prominent brown patches, we may recommend combining BroadBand Light in Kansas City with other treatments like our melasma peel. That way you can maximize your skin-clearing benefits and even look years younger! 

Schedule your Forever Young BBL treatment at Envision Aesthetics today. 

Don’t wait to get the best Forever Young BBL in Rochester. It’s time to finally get rid of your dark patches for clear, youthful skin. Our experienced team at Envision Aesthetics offers BBL treatments that are catered to each patient.

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