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Treating Melasma with the Halo Laser in Rochester

If you struggle with the signs of melasma, then the experienced team at Envision Aesthetics offers melasma treatments with the Halo laser in Rochester!

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “melasma is a common skin problem [that] causes brown to gray-brown patches, usually on the face.”  Though men and women can both experience melasma, about 90% of melasma cases occur in women, with the condition being especially common in pregnant women (sometimes called “the mask of pregnancy”). 

What causes melasma?

exact causes of melasma are not yet entirely clear to the medical community. However, it is known that those with darker skin tones are more likely to develop the condition.

Because sun exposure can worsen melasma, summer can cause a loss in self-confidence for many. UV exposure and heat stimulates melanocytes in the skin. This makes melasma patches appear more prominent, which is why your melasma may get worse in the summertime. 

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Additionally, the fluctuation of hormones caused by pregnancy, taking birth control pills, or hormone replacement therapies can trigger melasma.

How does melasma differ from hyperpigmentation?

Though melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation, its hormonal influences are what separates it from other hyperpigmentation-causing conditions like post-blemish scarring, freckles, or eczema. 

Melasma commonly appears as blotchy, dark patches, especially on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and upper lip. As we mentioned, these patches commonly fluctuate with the seasons and can appear due to hormonal changes.

Some of those who experience hormonal melasma find that the condition can clear up on its own after their body adjusts to a new hormonal treatment. That, or when their hormone levels return to normal range after pregnancy.

However, some can struggle with the condition for years and require cosmetic treatments at our Rochester office to address it.

Can the Halo laser in Rochester treat melasma?


halo laser in rochester - machine at envision aesthetics

To help our patients minimize the appearance of their stubborn melasma, we offer the Halo laser in Rochester. 

Our Halo laser device by Sciton is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser. This means it combines two different wavelengths that allows us to customize the treatment exactly to our patients and their unique needs.

Additionally, the advanced hybrid fractional technology offered by Halo enables us to effectively target and break apart melanin in skin. (Melanin is what causes unsightly melasma patches.) With adequate SPF protection and a healthy skincare routine, we can reduce or even eliminate the signs of melasma on your skin!

Is a Halo laser treatment right for you?

What other conditions can be treated with the Halo laser in Rochester?

Patients who undergo treatments with our Halo laser in Rochester enjoy numerous skin-rejuvenating benefits. In addition to addressing and minimizing melasma, we can also treat the following with our Halo laser in Rochester:

• Enlarged pores
• Uneven skin tone
• Sun damage
• Fine lines & wrinkles
• Skin texture concerns

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It is important to know that you have options for addressing your most pressing skin concerns. 

At Envision Aesthetics, we are proud to be the premier medical aesthetic clinic in Rochester, helping patients look and feel their best.

If you are ready to treat your melasma with our Halo laser in Rochester, use our online virtual consultation tool to learn more about all our treatments that address your concerns, or click here to request an appointment today.

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