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Learn the Appeal of Facial Peels in Rochester

As you look into clinical facials to rejuvenate your natural glow, empower your beauty, and keep your budget in mind, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of information. Our facial peels in Rochester are a great way to maximize your natural beauty, but with so many options, it can be hard to pin down what works for you.

At Envision Aesthetics, we lay out your options in plain terms, giving you what you need in a way you can understand. We believe in treating every patient like we’d treat a loved one. This is why we’re happy to share advice with anyone who wants it. So here is what you need to know when considering your facial peel.

Not your average spa day.

In our office, patients often feel as relaxed as they would during a regular spa day. However, as our specialists work their magic, you’ll see how we put the med in medspa. Our aestheticians and doctors provide the best facial treatments to produce maximum results. This is why every treatment at Envision starts with a one-on-one consultation.

Your Pre Peel Consultation

Instead of getting right to it, our facial peels in Rochester start with a conversation during your consultation. We want to understand everything from your lifestyle to how you want to look. As you talk with your specialist, they’ll start to get an idea of what treatments may be right for you.

After your specialist lays out your options, we’ll schedule your appointment and advise you on anything to keep in mind before your treatment. Their advice usually includes things like limiting sun exposure, makeup usage, and ways to prepare your skin for maximum results.

During our facial peels in Rochester

On the day of your procedure, we’ll welcome you back to one of our comfortable treatment rooms. There we’ll take plenty of before photos for us to track your results. Unlike any other photo-op, we recommend skipping your makeup routine. This is to ensure that our deep pre-cleanse can thoroughly rid your skin of any oils or debris.

Treatment times vary depending on the method we choose for facial peels in Rochester. So we make sure to provide you with the correct treatment to match your lifestyle. For example, if you need to get right back to work, you may opt for one of our lunchtime peels like the unicorn facial.

As we finish your clinical facial, we let you rest in a comfortable recovery room if needed. As well as administer any finishing touches to improve the healing process, and brighten your immediate results. We also give you advice on maintenance and schedule any additional treatments or follow-ups.

Clinical Facials vs at-home treatments

We love an at home spa day as much as anyone else. There’s nothing like taking a self care day to do what makes you feel and look great. But when you start to look into at home facial peels, it’s important that you keep in mind a few key differences.

The difference is in the details.

As you consider different facial peel products, you’ll find that many at-home treatments claim to be professional grade. While some are, you won’t find the products we use in just any store. Even if you find an at home treatment that works really well, finding someone with years of experience and specialized training is even harder.

When you go to the salon, you’re there for a relaxing experience and a quality end result. Sure you can cut and dye your hair at home. But we’ve all seen the results of less-than-ideal homegrown hairstyles. Our facial peels in Rochester are no different. Our practice has decades of combined experience, highly skilled hands, and quality results you can’t get at home. This is the key difference you get when you trust Envision for your treatment.

Why should you get a facial peel?

Envision specializes in various techniques to provide you with the individual care you deserve. When considering your facial peel, having a clear understanding of your concerns is key to your consultation. Here are a few things to look at as you consider a facial peel.

Your Skin Condition

In your consultation, we take a deep dive into the overall health of your skin. Our trained eyes can spot crepey skin, volume loss, and any other conditions that can benefit from a refresh. When we consider your treatment options, this is where we start. This helps us build a treatment plan and schedule your appointments.

Depth of Skin Discoloration

Our specialists can also determine areas of discoloration and possible melasma. As well as understand your face structure to determine how our facial peels in Rochester can help to shape your natural beauty. By understanding your specific conditions and natural look, our specialists are able to determine the best option to get the best results.

Options for facial peels in Rochester.

After we take that deep dive into your skin, we use that information to determine your best treatment option. Here are our common recommendations and how they work for our patients.

Cosmelan Peel

Our Cosmelan “melasma” peel puts the clinical in clinical facial treatments. Hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and melasma can arise from pregnancy, hormone imbalances, or just a little too much sun. 

While these may seem like surface issues, they can deeply affect your skin’s health. To improve your facial health and your natural look, our specialists may recommend this facial peel in Rochester.

Get a fresh start

This is the fresh start you’ve been dreaming of. Cosmelan contains a unique blend of active ingredients designed to increase cellular turnover in the dermis and epidermis. This works to target melanin and any old or dead cells. As a bonus, this fresh start promotes collagen production as your skin heals. Which results in a younger, brighter look. 

After your treatment, you can expect 2 to 3 days of peeling. You’ll also want to avoid intense sun exposure and harsh cleansers. To achieve maximum results, we’ll schedule 3 to 4 treatments to ensure you get the freshest skin possible. While this is one of our most popular options, patients sometimes need an option with less downtime and post-treatment peeling. 

PRX-T33 facial peel

What would you say if we told you that one of the most effective facial peels in Rochester has virtually no downtime? This may sound like a myth. But as patients get to know about PRX-T33, that myth becomes a reality. That’s why this treatment is sometimes referred to as the “unicorn facial.” 

This treatment was originally developed to help children avoid scarring after accidents or surgeries. But as specialists saw its potential, the unicorn has taken the aesthetics world by storm.

Anatomy of the unicorn: how it works. 

This facial peel in Rochester combines the power of TCA with the magic of kojic acid. This unique combination works deep into the dermis and the epidermis to remove dead cells. 

The real magic of this treatment is that it leaves healthy cells in the epidermis intact. That means you can get right back to business with very minimal precautions. 

As advanced and magical as the unicorn facial is, our specialists continue to recommend traditional chemical peels to provide a fundamental first step for your skin care routine.

Chemical Peels

Our most flexible option for facial peels in Rochester comes in 3 chemical peel tiers. 

  1. Light peels exfoliate the epidermis to improve the top layer of your skin. This works for fine lines, acne, and dry skin. 
  2. Medium Peels work very well on acne scars and wrinkles. By targeting the upper dermis and epidermis this peel works on both layers of your skin. 
  3. The deep peel goes even deeper by targeting deep within the dermis. This peel provides dramatic results, but it also takes the longest recovery time. 

Simple, effective science.

The reason our specialists continue to offer the fundamental 3 stages of chemical peels is simple: the science just works! By removing damaged or older layers of skin, this treatment promotes collagen growth to rebuild the structure of your skin. 

Unlike specialty creams that include collagen, these peels promote your body’s natural collagen to produce natural, lasting results. Downtime does differ based on the degree of our facial peel in Rochester. Our aestheticians will let you know what to expect following your treatment.

Our Expertise for Your Results

Your aesthetics can’t rely on the second-best solution. So why trust anyone but an expert for facial peels in Rochester? Thousands of patients have trusted Envision to empower their natural beauty. That’s because our top-rated services paired with our highly trained staff provide the individualized care you won’t find anywhere else.

The more you know, the more you glow!

Now that you’re an expert on your facial peel options at Envision, it’s time to get started! Start the conversation by scheduling your consultation today. Or get matched with the right treatment by using our virtual consultation tool. The best skin of your life starts at Envision, we’re excited to see your results!