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The world of aesthetics is full of great options to get youthful, healthier skin. Envision Aesthetics prides itself as upstate New York’s choice for the latest techniques and the best results possible. Lately, we’re introducing an innovation taking aesthetics to a new level. We’re proud to provide SkinPen in Rochester, New York.

SkinPen is a new option when it comes to microneedling in Rochester. Envision Aesthetics continues to provide Eclipse Micro-Pen. But we’re also introducing SkinPen to expand your options for our microneedling procedures. So why is SkinPen becoming the most requested microneedling treatment in the country? Keep reading to find out!

How does SkinPen Work?

At its core, SkinPen in Rochester works like other microneedling treatments. However, the unique design of the needles and the machine itself creates results in ways patients and providers rave about. This minimally invasive treatment uses the skin’s natural processes to jumpstart your natural beauty.


Your treatment starts much like any other microneedling treatment. SkinPen’s microneedles penetrate your skin’s surface. This triggers a natural immune response to clean, clear, and increase blood flow while creating new facial tissue.


This penetration creates channels that are smaller than columns created by other microneedling techniques. The tiny holes created by SkinPen are naturally rebuilt with new granulation cells that include collagen proteins. While promoting additional collagen, a new network of blood vessels creates fresh channels for white blood cells to flood the area.


This technique creates new dermal tissues that are rich in collagen and elastin proteins. These proteins improve skin quality visibly while reducing facial acne scars and neck wrinkles. This results in smooth, radiant, and younger-looking skin.

Professional SkinPen versus at-home treatments.

While the world of aesthetics emerges with revolutionary treatments like SkinPen, it also has many at-home treatments that are often cheaper and more widely available. The allure of cheaper, convenient treatments can be tempting. But take it from the professionals, quality results are worth the investment.

At home treatments

Dermarolling is one of the most popular at-home treatments that uses similar principles we use in professional microneedling. However, the needles on the rollers are not as fine as professional tools. With this technique, these needles inflame and activate your skin’s natural process, the skin can tear and become more prone to infection than rejuvenation.

Professional SkinPen treatments

When you trust our professionals with your SkinPen in Rochester, you’ll pay more than you would for an average Dermaroller. But the results are worth the investment in your skin. Professional SkinPen creates smaller, deeper perforations than at-home treatments can. These fine perforations are crucial to promote collagen while increasing blood flow and creating new tissue. Simply put, clinical tools create quality results.

What to expect when you trust Envision with your SkinPen in Rochester

Every treatment at Envision Aesthetics starts with a consultation. As we go over your concerns we may pair your SkinPen with other treatments such as PRP, or INTRAcel. We make sure to plan your treatment around your lifestyle and on your time. With virtually no downtime, the SkinPen in Rochester is a popular option for busy people who can’t take days off.

Your SkinPen in Rochester only will take about 30 minutes unless paired with additional treatments. There’s no need for any numbing and very minimal pinching sensations in the treatment areas. Your provider will check in throughout the treatment to make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable.

After your treatment, you’ll be able to go right back to work. Before you leave, we’ll schedule a follow-up, and go over any post-treatment procedures. Patients usually start to see results in the weeks following your treatment as the skin repairs with additional proteins and blood vessels.

See results for yourself!

You’re more than welcome to keep reading about microneedling in Rochester. But if you’re ready for clear, youthful-looking skin, it’s time to get started! Schedule your consultation or use our virtual consultation tool to see why so many people trust Envision Aesthetics with their SkinPen in Rochester.