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Why Your Skin Will Love the Salt Facial

Salt does beautiful things to vegetables, helps heal wounds, and thanks to the new Salt Facial, it works magic on your face. Seriously, pass the salt

This is not a regular facial

The Salt Facial is actually classified as an aesthetic procedure, which is why you won’t find it under our spa facial listings. The process is what sets it apart from a regular spa facial. The procedure lasts for about one hour, and there is little to no recovery time.


First, your aesthetician will gently use the handpiece over the treatment area to evenly remove the outermost layer of the skin using medical-grade natural salt.


Once everything is super cleansed, we use ultrasound technology with a customized serum. The ultrasound device ensures maximum penetration of the serum for longer lasting results.


Finally, we target inflammation, pigmentation, acne, and vascular lesions with the multi-wavelength LED light therapy device. This also stimulates collagen production! 

What is the cost of Salt Facial in Rochester?

Expect a higher cost than the average spa facial. Salt facials run around a couple hundred dollars since they are high-quality aesthetic procedures.

The company behind the Salt Facial system boasts that the technology is safe and effective for all skin types, and it’s an all natural product! 

This treatment works great with other aesthetic enhancements such as Botox

Come to Envision Aesthetics in Rochester, NY for your Salt Facial treatment

Want a Salt Facial but need some ideas on how to budget for it? Check out our tips on how to budget for medical aesthetics.

At Envision, we check every box of what makes an amazing medical spa. With highly trained and experienced staff, high-quality products and treatments, and a convenient location, we’re here to give you the best experience for your aesthetic enhancements. 

Safety and comfort of our customers are our top priorities. We’re here to explain the Salt Facial cost in Rochester and help you decide what’s best for you. We will always make sure that you’re happy with your results for a more confident you!

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