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What Type of Doctor Removes Milia? | A Breakdown From Rochester’s Skin Experts

Struggling to knock those stubborn white bumps on your skin? These persistent bumps are often assumed to be whiteheads, but in reality they are milia. Rather than a swollen pore, milia lies beneath the superficial layers of skin. You may notice that the lump feels hard and acne treatments aren’t working to get rid of them. 

Because milia is dead skin buildup beneath the surface, there is nowhere for the debris to escape and no way to extract them on your own. Trying to squeeze milia out on your own simply won’t work and will only lead to further skin damage. 

So, what type of doctor removes milia? Here’s everything you need to know when searching for professional milia removal in Fairport, right from the experts at Envision Aesthetics

Finding a trusted provider

When it comes to finding a provider for your milia extraction in Rochester, experience matters. Milia extractions require a certain level of unique knowledge and skill, as well as access to the proper sterile tools.

Remember to browse your provider’s reviews to see how past patients’ experiences went, as well as their Instagram. However, keep in mind that everyone’s starting point and end goals are unique.

Schedule a free in-person consultation

Milia can occur in a range of forms, anywhere on the body, and in people of any age. Everyone’s skin is unique, so the treatment should be too! Don’t hesitate to meet for a free consultation, so you can get to know the provider and create your own treatment plan.

Now that we understand what type of doctor removes milia, here’s a brief breakdown on the most common types of milia for you to discuss with your provider:

  • Primary milia
  • Secondary milia
  • Multiple eruptive milia
  • Traumatic milia
  • Milia associated with drugs or products

Come to Envision Aesthetics to meet with a trusted specialized physician!

At Envision Aesthetics, Dr. Whipple performs a range of milia extractions. As an ophthalmologist, she is highly specialized in the eye area and able to perform gentle but effective milia extractions on the delicate skin near the eyes. 

We highly recommend beginning your journey to your best skin ever with a free consultation! When you come in for this visit, we’ll take the time to discuss your skin, goals, and budget so we can tailor our treatments to your needs. 

Our skincare specialists can also help you browse our medical-grade skincare collection and find the best milia removal products in Brighton

Still have questions about what type of doctor removes milia? Contact us today or try our virtual consultation tool to learn more!