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Tired of Filling in your Brows? Learn How Microblading Could Work for You

Everyone knows a great eyebrow can help you look more put together and truly enhance your look, but if your brows aren’t up to par, put the tweezers away. With microblading, you can achieve the sculpted brow look without pulling out your hair or spending the morning drawing on your brows.

But how does microblading work?

Our microblading specialists at Envision Aesthetics have found there’s a lot of confusion about the treatment and how it works. That’s why we want to ensure our clients are as educated as possible with the right information, not falsehoods that swirl around the internet.

To learn more about microblading and what to expect, keep reading for our in-depth guide.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a type of permanent makeup that gives the appearance of thicker, fuller brows. By creating hairlike strokes among your existing hair, microblading achieves a more natural appearance, rather than a heavy tattooed look.

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So before we continue, let’s clarify an important fact: microblading, though similar to tattooing, is not technically an eyebrow tattoo.

Here’s how the two differ:

Different tools. Microblading requires tiny, fine-point needs optimized for the delicate skin on the face whereas a traditional tattoo gun isn’t nearly as small. This allows for more precise strokes and soft pixelated color to avoid a harsh “Sharpie brow” appearance.

Different ink. Traditional tattoos are meant to be extremely permanent, so they use ink specially formulated for the body and thicker skin. Microblading gives great results because of how natural it looks (no matter the hair color). The ink is specially designed with color palettes that best fit your skin tone and eye color.

Different effects. If you were to get your eyebrows tattooed on, it would be a lot more noticeable (and not in a good way) like a drawing or illustration. A tattoo gun isn’t capable of making fine strokes that match how your eyebrows would grow. The ink would simply be buzzed on.

After getting microblading, you won’t have to worry about smudging makeup, over-plucked brows, or wasting your mornings trying to perfect your brows; you’ll already be ready for the day.

Can microblading help with thinning or sparse brows?

Yes, if you have thinning brows, then microblading can be a great solution. In fact, a lot of our clients at Envision Aesthetics come in for the treatment looking to rejuvenate their brows to their former glory.

Does it matter why my eyebrows have thinned?

No, typically it doesn’t matter why your eyebrows are thinner than they once were. However, if you have a severe medical condition, you may want to speak with your physician before making the decision. In our experience, some of our clients have sparse brows due to:

Over-plucking and waxing: If you’re one of those people who pride themselves on having phenomenal brows 24/7, you may think consistent waxing and plucking is the way to go. Unfortunately, all that trauma could eventually stop your hair from growing back.

This is often the case for people who stuck with the ultra-thin brow trend in the early 2000s. Many people, even if they had thick brows before, cannot recover from years of over maintenance.

Aging: Wrinkles and sagging skin aren’t the only sign of aging. As the years pass, many people experience some sort of hair loss, including losing eyebrow hair.

Thyroid disease: Your thyroid is a crucial gland that secretes hormones to manage your metabolism. Imbalances, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, cause your metabolism to go haywire. As a result, it can impact your hair’s natural growth cycle, leading to thinning brows.

Pregnancy and childbirth: Similar to your thyroid, pregnancy and childbirth cause your hormones to spike and fall. Those fluctuations could impact hair growth. Usually hair is thicker during pregnancy and thins back out after childbirth.

Nutrient deficiencies: A balanced diet is the cornerstone for your overall health, so it’s no wonder nutrient deficiency could lead to sparse brows. Nutrients such as biotin, vitamin C, iron, vitamin A, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids keep your body healthy enough to maintain hair growth.

Other medical conditions: Other medical conditions such as telogen effluvium (sudden hair loss) and alopecia areata (autoimmune disease) cause hair to fall out. For some, they could also impact the thickness of their brows.

Genetics: The cold, hard truth is some people are naturally born with thick, sculpted brows while others are prone to have thinner brows. You can fight against a lot of things, but genetics isn’t one of them.

However, just because you aren’t dealing with any of the above issues, doesn’t mean microblading won’t be a good fit. Microblading also helps:

  • Asymmetry
  • Fair colored eyebrows
  • Shaved brows
  • Alopecia
  • And much, much more

As an added bonus, microblading isn’t only for women. Men can also enjoy the benefits of fuller brows.

How does microblading work?

Now you know microblading isn’t an “eyebrow tattoo” and you know what it can treat, but how exactly does the process work?

Remember microblading is a specific micro-pigmentation technique that uses a very fine hand tool to implant color into the skin. With that in mind, let’s walk through the treatment itself.

At Envision Aesthetics we always start with a consultation. This allows us to understand your goals, your desired look, and your natural brow shape.

During the actual treatment, we’ll use a detailed mapping process to create the perfect eyebrow shape for you. Keyword: you. This customized map considers your natural bone structure and arch so your brows are uniquely your own.

When you decide you’re happy with the design, we’ll choose the right pigment based on the undertones of your skin. The last thing you want are brows that are too dark or too light. You want your brow color to be just right.

Next, we apply a medical-grade topical anesthetic to alleviate any discomfort. Since we are a physician-run practice, we offer more advanced numbing techniques than traditional medspas. During the process, some of our patients are so comfortable, they even fall asleep!

After the anesthetic settles, we then create crisp, fine hair strokes to fill in your brows, matching the outline created with the map. If necessary, we’ll add more color to create depth and dimension, especially in sparse areas.

You can expect the microblading process to take about an hour to two hours for the initial treatment.

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Microblading frequently asked questions

With so much information sprawled across the internet about microblading, no wonder people get confused. However, our team at Envision Aesthetics is always here to give you accurate information to keep you just as in-the-know as we are. Below are a few questions we’ve gotten recently that you may also be asking yourself right now!

Is microblading permanent?

Microblading is permanent to an extent. It’s not quite like a traditional tattoo that will maintain its appearance for life. The color is designed to fade about 10% annually, which is why it’s best to return for touch-up treatments.

Bonus: When you get microblading at Envision Aesthetics, your first six-week touch up is included in the cost of your initial treatment.

If you follow our maintenance plan, you can expect your microblading to last 6 to 12 months, and your touch-up appointments will come at a discounted rate.

How long does it take for microblading to heal?

Microblading takes about 5 to 10 days to heal. Right after your treatment, your eyebrows may appear darker and bolder at first because the ink has only penetrated the top of the skin (which is absolutely normal). Once the healing is complete, the color will soften and become more matte, leaving you with a natural-looking brows.

The good news is microblading comes with minimal downtime! You may experience a little redness or swelling for a few hours after the procedure, but many people don’t experience those side effects at all.

Do I need to shave my eyebrows before microblading?

No, you do not need to shave your eyebrows before microblading. Many people believe existing eyebrow hair could somehow interfere with the microblading treatment. But that’s not true, and we’re definitely not going to ask you to shave your brows off.

Can I wash my eyebrows as they heal?

Yes, you can wash your eyebrows as they heal. Make sure you use a gentle cleanser whenever you’re washing your brows. Along with cleansing, you’ll also want to apply a thin coat of healing cream twice a day for five days.

What are ombre brows?

Ombre brows, or powder brows, are a specific technique of color implantation that creates a more solid, filled-in brow design. Plus, ombre brows are incredibly versatile, so you can achieve a more natural look or go bold with a full-on glam brows.

Soft powder ombre is an ideal procedure for those who have oily skin, those who cannot get hair strokes, or for people who like a more filled-in style for their eyebrows.

Get the perfect look with microblading at Envision Aesthetics

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