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How To Treat Skin Discoloration

There are so many types of skin discoloration that may come from sun damage, genetics, hormones, and other types of factors. These concerns can have a negative impact on how you feel in your skin. The great news is that we have multiple skin discoloration treatments in Rochester at Envision Aesthetics! 

Here’s how we treat skin discoloration:

Deep exfoliation

One of the first steps in many of our skin discoloration treatments in Rochester is to exfoliate the skin. We use chemical or physical exfoliation depending on the treatment. This step is to get rid of dead skin cells and make way for newer, more even skin beneath.  

Increased collagen production

More collagen in your skin means better structure, plumpness, and more youthful appearance overall. Some of our treatments help your body generate more collagen through lasers, concentrated light, or micro-injuries. These all trigger your skin’s natural healing processes, which triggers collagen production to push out new skin cells and get rid of damaged, discolored ones. 

Enhanced hydration

Finally, we are always looking to add more hydration into your skin. Once we’ve gotten rid of old dead skin cells and brought new, clearer skin to the surface, we want to treat that skin with care. Many of our skin discoloration treatments work to add in extra moisture in the last step as an added layer of protection and for an added glow to your final result ✨

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