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Should I Get A Halo Treatment In Rochester?

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With all of the aesthetic treatments out there, it can be difficult to know exactly which is right for them. Today, we’ll specifically discuss the Halo treatment in Rochester.

Laser treatments offer dramatic skin-rejuvenating results. However, there are many laser procedures to choose from – some of which may be more suited to your needs. Our Halo® Laser, for instance, is a great option for patients who want to achieve dramatic results without having to take any significant time off work or social activities to heal.

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When considering whether to have a Halo laser treatment in Rochester, it is important to ask the following questions:

Who is the best candidate?


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Do you notice the signs of aging, dark pigmentation, uneven skin tone, or enlarged pores? Do you want a gentle, yet effective treatment? Then you are likely a good candidate for Halo treatments in Rochester.

Treating melasma with our Halo laser

Thanks to the Halo laser’s state-of-the-art hybrid fractional technology, we can customize your Halo treatment entirely to your specific needs, including balancing the aggressiveness of the treatment to put you in more control of your recovery time.

During your free 1 hour consultation with our experienced laser technicians, we will evaluate your health & medical history, explain the laser treatment process, and go over all your questions to ensure you are an ideal candidate for a Halo treatment in Rochester.

What happens during a Halo treatment?


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After your free consultation & thorough skin analysis, we will schedule your appointment for your Halo treatment in Rochester. We will also provide you with all necessary pre-treatment instructions. This may include medications or supplements, med spa treatments, and topical skin care products you may need to avoid.

On the day of your laser treatment, you should arrive at our office with a clean, dry face and comfortable clothing. We’ll first apply a topical numbing cream, which will remain on the skin for an hour to minimize any discomfort.

The Procedure
For the laser treatment, you will be seated or lying down and we will protect your eyes with special safety shields. Your laser clinician will then treat the area(s) of your skin section by section. She will roll the Halo hand-piece in a criss-cross pattern until the system determines the treatment is complete.

Note: Facial treatments take approximately 35 to 45 minutes, chest or neck treatments are approximately 20 minutes, hands can be treated in 15 minutes or less, and some body zones can take up to 90 minutes.

What is recovery like?


dr. whipple at envision aesthetics giving a patient a consultation for a halo treatment in rochester

Since we tailor the procedure to each individual’s needs, each patient responds differently to Halo treatments. Typically, the laser will cause the skin to appear red and swollen immediately after the treatment, and may feel like a sunburn. The skin may appear more “bronzed” as well while the targeted spots of hyperpigmentation resolve themselves. 

Other laser resurfacing treatments may require over a full week of downtime. However, the Halo laser offers similar results, but with much more minimal recovery time. 

Depending on how aggressive our treatment with the Halo laser is, patients can expect to take 2-5 days of downtime. 

The short-term benefits of a Halo treatment in Rochester can be seen within a week of the procedure. Long-term skin rejuvenating benefits reveal themselves over several months. With adequate sun protection and healthy skin care practices, patients can make the results of their Halo treatment last for years!

Where should I go for a Halo treatment in Rochester?


skin consultation at envision aesthetics in rochester to determine whether or not a patient should receive a halo treatment

When choosing the right place to have your Halo treatment in Rochester, it is extremely important to select a medical aesthetic venue that has the highest patient safety and clinical training standards. 

For example, at Envision Aesthetics, we make sure we offer our patients treatment options that will be safe and effective for them, whether it’s Halo or a different kind of laser or cosmetic procedure. Board-Certified physician Dr. Whipple has extensive experience and training in offering laser treatments.

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If you’re ready to treat your skin concerns, come to Envision Aesthetics today! You can talk to our experienced team about a Halo treatment in Rochester. 

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