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Your Options for Scar Removal in Rochester

Just as every person’s skin is different, the scars we carry are unique as well. No matter why you’re looking into scar removal in Rochester, Envision Aesthetics is excited to help you achieve the flawless skin you deserve. 

Before we dig into your treatment options, let’s learn more about your scars and where they may come from.

Scar Types and Treatability

There are four major types of scarring we see in the skin. Every scar comes with its own intricacies, and some types of scars are harder to address than others. This makes it all the more important to find the right technique for your scar removal in Rochester. Depending on your type of scarring, you may have different treatment options.

Keloid Scars

The aesthetics industry hasn’t quite come to a consensus about what causes keloid scars, but we all agree that it’s likely a dysfunction of the wound-healing process. 

At Envision, we love collagen. However, when the body creates too much while healing a scar, a Keloid scar can form. We typically find these scars around the earlobes, shoulders, cheeks, and chest above the sternum. Keloids might look a bit concerning, but they aren’t contagious or cancerous.

Treatment Options

Our options for Keloid scar removal in Rochester focus on maintaining your natural beauty without intense treatments. Dr. Katherine Whipple is happy to offer surgical options, but these types of scars can usually be flattened through small steroid injections and laser therapy.


This type of scarring is very similar to Keloid scarring. They are also caused by too much collagen production during the healing process. 

Hypertrophic scars are raised more than Keloid scars, take on a redder hue, and can develop anywhere on the body.

Treatment Options

Your options for hypertrophic scar removal in Rochester are similar to those for Keloid scars. At Envision, we utilize laser resurfacing, injections, and surgery to minimize the appearance of these scars.


Contracture scars form when the edges of the skin abnormally pull together, causing overstretched, tight tissue. This type of scarring can affect the muscles, joints, and tendons, and they even limit movement. 

Treatment Options

We recommend surgery to remove contracture scars because this type of scarring is very unique. 

Whereas the other forms of scarring create an excess of tissue, contractures have less skin than that wound needed to heal. In major cases, we may consider a skin graft, but the majority of our scar removal surgeries in Rochester are done with a simple Z-Plasty.

Acne Scars

That’s right, we’re also talking about the reason your mom told you not to pop those zits. 

Acne scars occur in almost everyone that experiences severe acne. While these scars are normal, they can affect your self-esteem. This is why our facial scar removal in Rochester is just as much about helping you look great as it is about helping you feel your best..

Treatment Options

At Envision, we have multiple options to remove facial scars. Your plan may include using dermal fillers like Sculptra. In cases of more severe scarring, we recommend laser resurfacing or surgery.

Our Tools for Scar Removal in Rochester

Now that you understand the major types of scarring, you can get to know the options we offer. Our practice focuses on achieving the most natural look with the most minimally invasive techniques possible. 

Surgical Scar Revision

Lasers and injections are solid places to start. However, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid surgery. Dr. Whipple, our cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, has seen just about every type of scar you can imagine. Her expertise allows us to determine the type of surgery that works best if you need surgical scar removal in Rochester.

The two most trusted techniques are the W-plasty and the Z-plasty

W-Plasty Technique

W-plasty is a common technique that camouflages the straight line of a scar into a uniform pattern. To complete a W-plasty, Dr. Whipple will precisely excise consecutive small triangles of skin on each side of the scar. She camouflages the scarring by rejoining the triangular flaps, to produce a “zig-zag” effect. We use this method for long, wide, curved, contracted, or linear scars on the cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose.

Z-Plasty Technique

A Z-plasty works by creating two triangular flaps of equal dimension and transposing the adjoining skin. Basic Z-plasty flaps use an angle of 60 degrees in order to lengthen the scar by 50 to 70 percent. Dr. Whipple will then reorient the direction of the central wound by 90 degrees while making sure to keep the length and angle of each flap precisely the same. This will help to avoid mismatched flaps that may be difficult to close. 

These techniques are used for our most in-depth scar removal in Rochester. We try to recommend noninvasive options whenever possible.

Nonsurgical Scar Revision

Typical laser skin resurfacing, when it comes to scar removal, is focused on minimizing the appearance of scars by blending them into the skin rather than repairing it. At Envision, we recommend ablative and nonablative lasers for moderate scar removal in Rochester.

HALO Laser

We trust the Halo fractional laser for a two-pronged approach. To remove surface-level scarring, we use ablative wavelengths to remove the epidermal layer of the skin. This allows us to resurface the layers below your skin that may include acne scars or even small Keloid scars.

Halo works by combining the strength of ablative and the subtlety of non-ablative wavelengths. So, during your scar removal in Rochester, we work to resurface your skin to even skin tone and address other conditions. Our Halo laser is one of the most versatile noninvasive options on the market.

Injections for Scar Revision

As we talk about your condition and plan your scar removal procedure, we may discuss your injectable options as well. 

Our providers may recommend a corticosteroid injection to reduce the size and look of a Keloid or hypertrophic scar. These are normally a first step, not a final solution. By minimizing the size, we can effectively treat the area with the appropriate removal technique.

After we minimize the look of the scar, we may recommend dermal fillers to maintain your skin’s tone and texture. 

Depending on the treatment area, we might recommend different types of injections to give you the desired tone and texture. These help to address the root causes of scars by promoting healthy collagen production. 

Depending on the results of your scar removal in Rochester, we offer Juvéderm, Sculptra, Restylane, and more to make every treatment unique.

Things To Keep In Mind for Your Consultation

At Envision, we strive to go above and beyond for our patients by giving personal, all-encompassing treatment plans designed to best suit what your skin needs. You deserve flawless skin, and we’re here to help make it happen.

Before we build your treatment plan, we dive deep into the overall health of your skin during an in-person consultation. Be sure to keep these key things in mind when you sit down to talk to our specialists.

Where is your scarring?

Start by identifying the areas you’d like to focus on for your treatment. Some areas can be treated with different techniques, so your treatment and the tools we use will largely be determined by where your scarring is located.

The Extent of Your Scarring

Knowing the extent of your scarring is also important when discussing your treatment options. However, it often takes a trained eye to identify the actual impact scars have had on your body. When we talk about your scar removal in Rochester, Dr. Whipple will take scans and explain the areas of concern she finds.

Other Beauty Goals

Improving the look of your scars is a major factor in your treatment plan, but it’s not the only factor! Envision offers many options to resurface, rejuvenate, and replace lost volume. As we discuss your health and beauty goals, we’ll also help you plan for additional treatments to help you love the skin you’re in.

Sayonara to Scars!

No one should have to live with scars and low self-esteem. If you’re ready to do something about your scars, we’re happy to plan your scar removal in Rochester! 

Talk to an Envision expert by scheduling your consultation or getting in touch with our office. To see what could be, take our virtual consultation tool for a spin! Our entire staff is here to help you look and feel flawless.