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What is skin ‘dullness’ and how can I prevent it?

If you’re wondering what it means to have “dull skin,” you’re not alone. In fact, the phrases “dull skin, “skin dullness,” and “what is dull skin?” trend on search engines all year long!

While this concern is common, it’s also important to remember that your skin is unique. Simply googling something won’t always yield the best result for your individual skin type, tone, and lifestyle.

The best way to understand skin dullness, and then effectively prevent it in the future, is to visit a skin specialist in your area.

Envision Aesthetics has been the go-to medical spa in Rochester since 2015. We pride ourselves on treating each patient with care, giving them customized treatment options that provide real results. 

Read on for a quick overview of skin dullness and our recommendation for the best facial to treat dull skin.

What is skin dullness?

At Envision Aesthetics, we consider a patient’s complexion to have a “dull” quality when it appears:

  • Flat
  • Lackluster
  • Generally unhealthy
  • Rough or bumpy
  • Dry

All of these attributes can definitely be addressed and corrected—however, the sooner you notice these qualities and seek professional treatment (such as a treatment plan and initial facial) for dull skin, the better.

How to Prevent Dull Skin

In order to prevent dull skin, you’ll need to understand what causes it in the first place. 

The primary causes of dry skin are:

  • Lack of moisture
  • Excessive dryness
  • Age
  • Poor diet
  • Misuse of products

Once you have determined where you lie in each of these areas, you’ll be on your way to treating your dull skin!

How to Treat Dull Skin

When searching for relief from dullness, try looking for those who offer facials for dry skin. These conditions are often treated using the same techniques!

We have so, so many tools in our arsenal for restoring your skin’s healthy, youthful glow. Most are some kind of facial.

Facials for Dull Skin in Rochester

Our favorite facial for dull skin? The Salt Facial

This treatment can address redness, as well as dullness, dry skin, and other concerns that affect the top layers of the skin. 

Learn more about The Salt Facial

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