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Microneedling: The Premier Skin Brightening Treatment in Rochester

Dull skin can make you feel lackluster. In a poll among 2,000 Americans, 59% reported that they weren’t comfortable in their own skin. The medical team at Envision Aesthetics is dedicated to helping you feel not only comfortable, but confident! 

Searching for the best skin brightening treatment in Rochester? Here’s the rundown on how microneedling can reveal your youthful glow with minimal downtime:

The causes of a dull complexion

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it can be affected by a wide range of internal and external factors. From not getting enough sleep to not exfoliating on a regular basis, when your skin appears dull and dry, it’s calling out for help!

Dehydration is likely the leading factor of dull skin, and unfortunately 80% of us aren’t drinking enough water. Without providing hydration for your skin, it becomes more delicate as dead skin builds up and creates a dull film. You should also regularly apply moisturizer to maintain your complexion externally, even if you struggle with oily skin. In reality, your body’s oil glands  can become overly active in response to lack of hydration.

Aging can also cause you to lose your glow, but achieving a fresh start with a skin brightening treatment in Rochester and keeping up with your hydration helps you age gracefully! Unevenness also typically comes with age, which causes the skin to look dull because it doesn’t evenly reflect the light. 

Another crucial component to regaining your glow is regular exfoliation. While you shouldn’t be getting deep chemical peels every week, you should be using a gentle exfoliator at home to remove dead skin and maintain your results after a skin brightening treatment in Rochester. 

Contrary to what many patients believe at first, people of any age and any skin type can experience dull skin. While stress can take a dramatic toll on your skin’s health, there are a lot of quick changes you can manage, such as making the switch to medical-grade skin care. Upgrading your routine with professional products not only rejuvenates your skin, but also protects it from harmful external factors, preventing new damage from forming!

Microneedling | The best skin brightening treatment in Rochester

Skin damage is never completely avoidable thanks to aging, harmful UV rays, and uncontrollable external factors. However, microneedling is the most versatile skin brightening treatment in Rochester, with a satisfaction rate of over 80%! By recharging your body with collagen, you can achieve youthful, glowing skin without having to go under the knife. 

How microneedling works

While collagen serves as the strong framework of your skin, elastin is what allows it to be flexible and revert to its original state. With age and sun damage, your body gradually produces less collagen and elastin, resulting in a loss of color, the development of wrinkles, and longer healing processes. 

While some skincare products may say that they encourage the production of collagen and elastin, turning on fibroblast cells is the only proven method. Fibroblast cells are responsible for building connective tissue, therefore holding your skin together neatly. 

Microneedling uses targeted micro-needles to create small wounds within your skin, stimulating your body’s natural healing process. We know this might sound a bit intimidating, but the results are undeniable! 

These extremely short and fine sterile needles are grouped closely together and inserted into the skin directly. As collagen levels rise and fibroblast cells are triggered, the layers of your skin continue to strengthen over time and become more full, vibrant, and youthful! 

Customizable add-ons to reach your skin goals

There are a few types of microneedling to compare, including a microneedling pen vs roller, and traditional vs RF

While you may have seen “dermarollers” on your explore page a few times with influencers comparing it to medspa’s microneedling pens, be aware of the risks. A dermaroller is a face roller covered with microneedles that attempts to provide the same effect, but in reality can cause unnecessary pain and further skin damage. 

We typically recommend traditional microneedling for younger patients dealing with acne scars and enlarged pores, and Intracel microneedling for loose skin in Rochester. Intracel combines the power of microneedling with radiofrequency, to tighten your skin from within and externally all in one! Intracel’s light waves offer maximum laxity improvement by training your body’s natural responses, rather than physically correcting it with a surgical “lift” procedure. 

We can also combine microneedling with PRP for skin brightening treatments in Rochester to infuse healing nutrients directly within the dermis for lasting results. This add-on offers far more potent ingredients than topical products, inserting vitamin C, PRP, retinol, or mandelic acid into the bloodstream. 

What microneedling treats

Microneedling has been shown to improve a wide range of common skin concerns, including:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Skin laxity
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dull skin
  • Sun spots
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne scars & other scarring (such as stretch marks)

What to expect before your microneedling treatment

When searching for an effective skin brightening treatment in Rochester, it’s important to begin by meeting with a skin expert for a consultation. This will give you a chance to express your concerns and goals as a specialist investigates the current state of your skin health. From here, your provider can tailor your treatment plan to your needs, helping you find the most transformative skin rejuvenation treatments!

Once we’ve developed your treatment plan, including anywhere from 2-10 treatments over a few consecutive months to maximize the effects, it’s time to prepare. For 3-5 days prior to your appointment, be sure to avoid products containing retinoids, Vitamin A, and other topical creams. 

However, you should continue to use SPF regularly! Just check that your sunscreen doesn’t contain any of these ingredients. If you’ve recently gotten too much sun, your skin will be extra sensitive and we may have to push back your appointment. We recommend the soothing Alastin Hydratint Pro Mineral sunscreen for most patients, but don’t hesitate to ask our experts which sunscreen is best for you.

What to expect during your microneedling treatment

On the day of your microneedling session, one of our team members will get you comfortably set up in a treatment chair and provide a topical anesthetic. Once your skin is numbed, we’ll get to work with the handheld Eclipse MicroPen; with each session, we’ll gradually use the pen to penetrate deeper within the dermis as you build up a tolerance. 

The average session is less than 30 minutes, but our specialist will let you know how long to expect to be in our office depending on your desired treatment area and size. Expect to experience a warm, scratching sensation as the pen is moved across your face, but patients report that this is completely tolerable with numbing agents. 

What to expect after your microneedling treatment

Once your skin brightening treatment in Rochester is complete, we’ll apply a hydrating serum to your face and you’re free to get back to your day. Your skin may be slightly red with some pinpoint bleeding immediately after your treatment, and some patients say that the feeling is similar to a mild sunburn.

Remember to avoid wearing sunscreen or makeup for the next 12 hours and only use a gentle cleanser before bed. Our go-to is the Rhonda Allison Gentle Peptide Cleanse, which is packed full of clean, hydrating nutrients. You should also avoid swimming for the next 24 hours and skip out on harsh skincare products that contain active vitamins or alcohol.

Maintaining results from a microneedling skin brightening treatment in Rochester

You’ll likely notice results from your first microneedling session about one week later, and continued improvement as you come back for more! Even with a single treatment, results will continue to develop over the next 2-4 weeks as your body builds up and releases collagen and elastin. 

To maintain the results of your initial skin brightening treatment in Rochester, discuss your skincare regimen with your provider to adjust it as needed. Remember that even once your treatment package is complete, coming in for touch ups 2-3 times a year can help your body maintain the same production levels and improve your skin’s overall health!

Visit Envision Aesthetics’ skin experts for the best skin brightening treatment in Rochester! 

Dr. Whipple and our compassionate team are here to offer the expert guidance you need to feel your absolute best. We strongly believe in the importance of individualized care, so we always take the time to educate you on your skin so you can continue to improve your health from home! 

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