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Everything You Need To Know About Lash Lifts & Extensions

As far as facial features go, our eyes are one of the first things others notice about us. While everyone has unique style and makeup preferences, most would agree that voluminous, long eyelashes make your eyes look ✨ incredible ✨ 

While you can accomplish this look from diligently using mascara and/or false eyelashes every day, this is not ideal for everyone. This is especially true in the summer, where it just feels better on your skin to wear less makeup—if any! Heat, humidity, and sweat can all ruin your mascara or false eyelash application. 

Your ultimate solution? A lash lift or lash extensions! Envision Aesthetics has both of these amazing services for lashes near you in Rochester, NY. This is the perfect year round solution to give you naturally beautiful lashes in the blink of an eye (okay, or more like an hour and a half ). 

Below we discuss what each of these treatments does for your lashes, how they compare, frequently asked questions, and commonly paired treatments!

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift works essentially like a perm, using an eye-safe solution to create a lifted and curled shape that lasts for weeks. 

Most spas will test the solution on your skin for any sensitivities. Our lash specialist uses a serum that makes the eyelashes malleable and easy to shape. Then, we’ll place a special mold over your eyes to keep them shut and to place and shape the lashes so they’re curled from the base to the tip!

What are lash extensions?

For lash extensions, we apply synthetic lashes individually to your natural eyelashes, giving you a longer and more voluminous look. Maintenance is required to keep your lash extensions looking their best!

What is the difference between a lash lift and lash extensions?

A lot of our clients come in unsure of which lash treatment is better for them. Let’s discuss some differences between these two treatments

Ultimately, whether you pick a lash lift or extensions depends on two things: 

  • The look you’re going for 
  • How much maintenance you’re willing to upkeep
woman with beautiful brows and lashes near you

The look

Lash Lift

With a lash lift, we use your natural eyelashes. This means that the color and thickness of your lashes does not change, but it enhances their “lift” and length! If you have very light colored eyelashes and you want them to be darker, you may combine the lift with a lash tint or prefer a lash extension, where we can blend your natural lashes with darker synthetic lashes. 

Eyelash Extensions

If you’re looking for dark eyelashes and added lift + volume, an eyelash extension is for you! Some of us are born with very short and/or thin lashes *sigh* An eyelash extension is just like a hair extension, beautifully boosting their appearance for a fuller, more voluminous look. We may recommend a lash tint in combination with a lash extension if your eyelashes are very fair, but most of the time we can naturally blend them in.

The maintenance

Lash Lift

There are some of us that prefer little to no maintenance for beauty treatments. An eyelash lift will naturally fade, and your lashes will go back to their natural state, making them very low maintenance. If you want to continue doing treatments, you aren’t on a timeline! Your results will last for 8 to 12 weeks. You can get a maintenance treatment as needed; most people compare the cycle to coloring your hair.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions last for the natural life cycle of your lashes. This is roughly between 30 to 40 days. Once the eyelash extensions are near the end of their cycle, they will need maintenance to continue looking their best. If you love the look of your eyelash extensions and are willing to upkeep them for maintenance, they are a brilliant choice!

The Benefits of Lash Lifts

Low maintenance

As explained earlier, lash lifts are super low maintenance because their results naturally fade with time. There is no “in-between lash lifts” stage with this treatment. 

No makeup needed

Though you can still wear mascara with a lash lift, you may not find it necessary! This can save you time in your beauty routine and have you feeling put together no matter what.

Lower price point

Compared to eyelash extensions, lash lifts are generally a more affordable lash treatment option. They don’t require synthetic extension products because they use your natural lashes. Even though there are no lash extensions, your eyelashes will look significantly more lifted and fuller.

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Dramatic yet natural results

Eyelash extensions are amazing because they can totally change the appearance of your eyelashes. Whether your natural lashes are shorter, lighter, or just have less volume, eyelash extensions allow you to achieve a dramatically fuller, natural look. 

A great alternative to false eyelashes

Falsies are an amazing makeup tool, but they’re high maintenance on the daily by requiring you to use lash glue and surgeon-like precision when applying them. You also risk one of your lashes coming “undone” and popping off throughout your day, and you need to remember to  remove them properly every night. If you’re wanting the dramatic look of false eyelashes without the daily hassle, you will love lash extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions: Lashes Near You

Which is better, lash lift or lash extensions?

Whether a lash lift or lash extensions is better depends on your personal preferences! If you want high-impact results and don’t mind maintenance, you may prefer lash extensions. If you still want beautiful results with no maintenance, a lash lift may be the better choice for you.

Do lash lifts ruin your eyelashes?

Nope! Most people compare getting lash lifts to coloring your hair. It’s not bad for the hair in moderation, and it helps you look good and feel good.

Which lasts longer, lash lift or lash extensions?

Lash lifts last longer, about 8 to 12 weeks since it is like a perm for your lashes. Lash extensions don’t last as long because they grow out with your hair’s natural growth cycle at 30 to 40 days.

Can you wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

We do not recommend wearing mascara when you have eyelash extensions. This is because the ingredients in the mascara could weaken the bond of the eyelash extensions in their place. This makes the eyelash extensions last for a shorter period. 

The good news? Your eyelash extensions will be dark and voluminous to where you won’t need the help of mascara! We can customize your extensions to your taste so you get the look you want.

Paired Treatments With Lashes Near You

Brow Lamination

Similar to lash lifts, brow lamination in Rochester is like a perm for your eyebrows using a safe solution for the face. 

For a brow lamination, your specialist applies a solution to your eyebrows that helps lift and shape the hairs into place. Then, they brush your eyebrows upward and out, to fill in any gaps and create a fuller look. We then apply a neutralizer to secure the brows in their place. Finally, we apply an oil to give the eyebrows moisture and shine. The entire process takes about an hour and a half!

With brow lamination, we use your natural hair to fill in sparse areas of your brows to make them look fuller and thicker, for better shape and dimension. 

Eyebrow Creation for Makeup Application

The eyes are the focal point of the face, and the brows frame that focal point! With our eyebrow creation services, we create your brows to fit your face and enhance your eyes ✨ This will be through brow features like your arch, thickness, where the eyebrow tails end, and other strategies to shape them to look their best. We will also teach you about what brow products work to achieve the best look!

Envision Aesthetics provider doing eyebrow creation services

Eye Treatment Facial

Keeping with this eye theme (we are owned and operated by Dr. Whipple after all, who is a Cosmetic and Reconstructive Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon ) let’s talk about our eye treatment facial!

Now that you have gorgeous lashes, you can focus in-depth on the skin in this delicate area of the face. Our eye treatment hyper-focuses on the eye area. We take extreme care and attention to detail to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin to fight signs of fatigue and aging, like dark circles and fine lines.

Visit the aesthetic professionals for lashes near you at Envision Aesthetics in Rochester, New York!

So now you know how each treatment works, the difference between them, and some of our most frequently asked questions. You can feel confident getting an amazing professional treatment for lashes near you at Envision. Whether you choose a lash lift or lash extensions, we will tailor your treatment to your unique goals. 

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