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Kysse Filler Facts: What You Need to Know

Kysse filler is a revolutionary lip filler on the market and is now a part of our repertoire of dermal fillers at Envision Aesthetics! Here is a quick introduction to some vital information about Kysse filler in Rochester. (And yes, it’s pronounced just like “kiss” )

It’s formulated to move naturally with lip expression

Some people believe that fillers may “freeze” facial movement, making them noticeable. At Envision, we do not have this issue with any of our treatments! We prioritize natural looking and feeling results that move easily with your expression. Kysse was made specifically with this idea in mind!

Kysse lip filler was formulated using XpresHAn Technology™ for movement that gives you flexible and natural-looking facial expression! So your lips will look beautifully full and natural whether you’re laughing, smiling, or anything in between

You need less Kysse filler for the same results as competitors

In clinical trials, Restylane® Kysse used a lower amount (1.82 mL) than a competitor filler (2.24 mL) for enhanced lip volume. Essentially, patients may need less amount of this filler than other lip filler options! Less is more with Restylane® Kysse filler in Rochester.

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100% of clinical trial participants reported aesthetic improvements

Every participant agreed that there were substantial aesthetic improvements from Kysse filler. With such an impressive performance, it’s safe to say that Kysse filler can create beautiful aesthetic results for everyone!  

The Ultimate Guide to Kysse Lip Filler

Thinking about getting Kysse lip filler? Come to Envision Aesthetics!

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