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How To Treat Bruising After Fillers

Bruising is the body’s natural response to injections at times, but we know that bruising can be annoying when you just want to see your beautiful full lips! Today our team at Envision discusses how to treat bruising after filler injections. 

Envision Aesthetics is made up of a caring, compassionate staff of aesthetic and medical professionals. We’ve created amazing patient results with our dermal fillers that help our clients feel good inside and out! We also give each patient individualized aftercare instructions for our dermal fillers. But what’s one of the best ways to treat bruising after fillers?

Arnica Supplement for Bruise Prevention and Healing

Arnica, also known as Arnica montana, is a natural herbal supplement that helps alleviate bruising and swelling. Taking it before and after your Kysse lip filler treatment (or other filler treatment) can help prevent these symptoms and make your recovery process quicker and more comfortable.

Kysse Filler Facts: What You Need to Know

A 2006 study was conducted to prove the efficacy and effectiveness of Arnica to help facial ecchymosis (bruising) through 29 patients undergoing facial lift cosmetic surgery. The results showed a notable improvement in these symptoms of those treated with Arnica versus those without it. 

Arnica works well for any dermal filler treatment to reduce swelling and bruising and comes in many forms, such as:

  • Gel
  • Capsule
  • Tea
  • Lotion
  • And more!

You can shop for Arnica at your local drugstore or homeopathy store, or online. As with any treatment, you should consult with your doctor before taking any type of supplements to make sure it’s right for you. 

Have more questions about lip filler aftercare?

We can provide answers! 

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