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How Long Do Brow Laminations Last?

Fluffy brows are in! The overly-tweezed eyebrows of the 90s are finally a thing of the past, and we’re all for embracing your natural shape. That being said, maintaining your eyebrows every day can be a hassle. 

You’ve probably heard of the “soap brow” look by now, which all of our favorite influencers have been rocking the past few years. While this look is stunning, having to tediously apply brow gel every day isn’t for everyone. Here’s what you should know about maintaining your brows this summer from the experts at Envision Aesthetics!

What is brow lamination?

Think of a brow lamination like a perm for your eyebrows. We use a specialized solution to strategically “laminate” your brows into the desired shape, keeping them in place semi-permanently. 

Our specialist will carefully brush your eyebrow hairs up and out, filling in any sparse areas and providing a natural full look. We finish off your visit with the application of some of our favorite replenishing oils to lock in your shape!

If you’re looking to fully embrace the no-makeup look this summer, we also recommend trying our summer skin treatments in Rochester. PSA: Don’t forget to keep up with reapplying your medical sunscreen!

How long do brow laminations last?

Let’s get down to what you really want to know, how long do brow laminations last? Typically, results last 6 to 8 weeks with proper care.

Maintaining brow lamination results

Now that we’ve answered the burning question, “how long do brow laminations last?”, what does proper care entail? We recommend that you don’t get your brows wet or apply makeup for 24 hours following your session. After this, you’re free to swim, wear makeup, and enjoy your newly improved brows!

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