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Blemish-Free Beauty With Facial Scar Treatments in Rochester

While we all wish we could keep our skin perfect forever, life happens. Scars may serve as reminders of your past. But sometimes it’s best to leave the past behind. 

If you’re ready for a fresh, blemish-free start, Envision is here to help! For patients that trust our specialists, the past stays in the past with the most advanced facial scar treatments in Rochester.

Common Causes of Facial Scarring

You can learn more about your scar treatment options from our specialists. We prioritize patient education just as much as results. To understand what approach is right for you, let’s first explain what can cause these blemishes.


Dramatic incidents like car accidents commonly cause facial scarring, but everyday accidents can also cause them as well. 

Burns from fire or cooking can cause scarring. Severe sun damage can split the skin and, if not treated correctly, can result in minor scarring. Accidents happen, and that’s why your treatment plan is tailored for your unique concerns.


Your mom was right. Popping zits and severe acne can result in scarring throughout the face. From small, uneven marks to major ice-pick scars, our facial scar treatments in Rochester are fully customizable for every degree of severity. 

At Envision, we use techniques such as microdermabrasion, BBL, and Sculptra injections to address acne scars. We also plan follow-ups to ensure your acne concerns stay in the past.


Surgery is a very common cause of facial scarring. In-depth facial reconstruction can leave a lasting mark on more than just your face. This is why our surgical techniques use advanced, minimally invasive techniques. 

It’s also why we offer cutting-edge fractional laser treatments and Sculptra injections. Some of our patients are opposed to surgery if their concerns were caused by surgery. Our facial scar treatments in Rochester are flexible for every comfort level and concern.

Your Treatment at Envision

Before your first treatment, our specialists will sit down and get to know all about you. While we talk, we’ll also take scans of your profile and take a deep dive into your overall facial health. When we discuss treatment options, we’ll make sure to match your comfort level with the procedure of choice. We’ll also help you set attainable goals and build a plan to exceed every one of them.


It may be hard to talk about your concerns and condition. That’s why Dr. Whipple uses her years of experience to explain complex medical concepts to patients. She explains everything as if it were just a conversation over coffee. 

To find the right facial scar treatment in Rochester, she’ll walk you through your scans and explain your options to address every concern comfortably and effectively.


We’re the specialists, but it’s your skin. It’s entirely up to you what you want to include in your treatment plan. If your facial scarring would best be addressed by surgery, we’ll explain our techniques and how to prepare. However, we also offer other treatments, such as Sculptura injections, Halo, and Forever ClearBBL. 

Sculptra injections are a common starting point for patients experiencing uneven skin as a result of acne scarring. These injections start working immediately and require virtually no downtime. However, some concerns can be better addressed by our laser facial scar treatments in Rochester. Halo and BBL are our favorite noninvasive options for their clinical results and minimal downtime. 

Follow-Up Appointments

Very few treatments are one-and-done here. Envision believes that beauty is a journey, which is why our specialists come to us for a lot more than just facial scar treatments in Rochester. In your consultation, we’ll discuss your specific plan. Our most common recommendations, such as Hydrafacial and Forever Clear BBL, are chosen to give your skin the protection and natural glow you deserve. 

Treat Yourself!

When you look in the mirror, you deserve to see the best version of yourself looking back at you. Talk to our specialists by scheduling your in-person consultation! You can also discover even more options with our virtual consultation tool. When you’re ready to put the past behind you, our office is here to help!