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The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

If you’re interested in this beauty treatment but not quite ready to take the plunge, check out the top benefits of eyelash extensions, from the aesthetic professionals at Envision.

The Benefits of Lash Extensions in Rochester

Dramatic yet natural results

Eyelash extensions are amazing because they can totally change the appearance of your eyelashes. Whether your natural lashes are shorter, lighter, or just have less volume, eyelash extensions allow you to achieve a fuller, natural look. 

A great alternative to false eyelashes

Falsies are an amazing makeup tool, but they’re high maintenance on the daily by requiring you to use lash glue and surgeon-like precision when applying them. You also risk one of your lashes coming “undone” and popping off throughout your day, and you need to remember to remove them properly every night. If you’re wanting the dramatic look of false eyelashes without the daily hassle, you will love lash extensions.

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No makeup needed

While you can accomplish the look of full lashes with a combination of mascara and false eyelashes every day, this is not ideal for everyone. This is especially true in the summer, where it just feels better on your skin to wear less makeup—if any! Heat, humidity, and sweat can all ruin your mascara and false eyelash application.

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With lash extensions in Rochester at Envision, you don’t need makeup! In fact, we do not recommend wearing mascara when you have eyelash extensions. This is because the ingredients in the mascara could weaken the bond of the eyelash extensions in their place. This makes the eyelash extensions last for a shorter period. 

The good news is our eyelash extensions will be dark and voluminous, where you won’t need the help of mascara! We can customize your extensions to your taste so you get the look you want.

Visit the aesthetic professionals for eyelash extensions in Rochester at Envision Aesthetics!

Now that you know the benefits of this treatment, you can feel confident getting eyelash extensions in Rochester by the professionals at Envision. 

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