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Your Guide To Eyebrow Lift Cost in Rochester

At Envision, we specialize in the most advanced treatments that get the best results. But when it comes to your beauty, it’s important that your plan fits your budget as well. For peace of mind and the natural beauty you’ll love, our providers are happy to explain all the details when it comes to your eyebrow lift cost in Rochester. Here are a few common questions our providers answer all the time. 

What are my options?

Finding the right options for you is important. But making sure your treatment plan doesn’t break the bank is even more important. When it comes to your eyebrow lift, you have options. Each option ensures the best results and gives the most flexible eyebrow lift costs in Rochester. 


For a more permanent solution to forehead wrinkles and drooping brows, our surgical eyebrow lifts are our first choice. This procedure is minimally invasive, takes less than two hours, and gives the maximum results without costing you too much time out of your day. While it may save time, this option is more pricey. So it’s important to consider what’s important to you when it comes to your eyebrow lift cost in Rochester.

Non Surgical

If you’re wanting to save money, or just want to avoid surgery, we also specialize in botox eyebrow lifts. This brow lift works by targeting your muscular structure. Botox tightens muscles and reduces skin laxity by blocking the nerve signals to the muscles. When it comes to your eyebrow lift cost, it’s important to consider both of your options as you invest in your overall beauty.

How can I make this affordable?

We even have options that make our treatment plans just as flexible as how you can pay for them! Aesthetic treatments such as Botox, or surgical brow lifts aren’t usually covered by insurance, so Envision makes it easy to fit our treatments in your budget. 


To ensure your total eyebrow lift cost remains within reach, we offer a few payment plans. Instead of having to scrimp and save, this option is a great way to make your total treatment plan affordable when you need it! When you schedule your consultation, you can ask our office staff about our flexible options. 


Another great option to make sure your eyebrow lift cost remains affordable is by becoming a member! With special pricing, monthly perks, and more, maintaining your natural beauty has never been easier. Talk to our staff about our memberships in your consultation, or sign up in just a few clicks!

Invest In Yourself

No matter what you spend your money on, it’s important to be mindful of where it’s all going. Instead of wasting time and money on quick and easy fixes, invest in your health and beauty with Envision. Schedule your consultation, or check out your options from the comfort of your couch with our virtual consultation tool. We’re excited to give you the beauty boost you deserve!