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Professional Cyst Removal in Rochester: Know Before You Go

So, you’ve finally had enough of that unsightly cyst, and you’re ready to improve the look and health of your skin. Cyst removal in Rochester can be quick, easy, and painless with our skilled hands at Envision

However, it’s normal to feel nervous before your appointment when you aren’t sure what to expect.  That’s why we’ve decided to share everything you need to know before your professional cyst removal in our office. 

What is a cyst on the skin?

Cysts are simply described as sacs on the skin or in the body that are filled with fluid, air, or other forms of unnecessary materials. Typically cysts are benign, but at Envision, we take the time to fully analyze every condition before completing a cyst removal in Rochester. This ensures that patients receive the correct care from Dr. Whipple or their trusted primary care physician.

How We Remove Cysts

Like every treatment at Envision, it all starts with a conversation. We’ll talk about how long you’ve noticed the cyst, what daily life is like with it, and if it causes any pain or discomfort. Before we start your procedure, we’ll take a sample and analyze it to decide if it could be a byproduct of a more serious condition or cancer.


We begin every skin lesion removal with an investigative approach. We get to the root cause of your cyst with an incisional biopsy to determine the exact type and condition of the cyst. Before every biopsy, we apply a local anesthetic to the area surrounding the cyst to reduce any discomfort. After we complete the incision, we screen every biopsy to ensure that we can continue with the removal responsibly.


In most cases, cysts are benign and don’t require additional screening. So, our specialists will usually complete your cyst removal in Rochester on the same day as your incisional biopsy. Dr. Whipple will ensure your treatment area is completely numb before completing an excisional biopsy to remove the major parts of the cyst. 

Clearing and Cleansing

After we remove the major parts of your cyst, we turn our focus to completely cleansing and clearing the cystic tissue that remains in the treated area. Every cyst removal in Rochester we complete removes the entire cyst wall and any affected tissue. This helps prevent the cyst from returning. The entire procedure takes our skilled providers less than half an hour, and you can expect virtually no downtime and a complete recovery

Aftercare and Follow-ups

Immediately following your cyst removal, mild discomfort surrounding the treatment area is normal. We bandage the treated area with cauterizing gauze and apply clinical disinfectant to ensure optimal healing conditions for your skin. We can take care of multiple cysts in one treatment, and we’ll schedule follow-ups based on your comfort level and time constraints.

Cyst Prevention

The best way to prevent a cyst is to take care of your skin. We understand that this may not be the scientific solution you hoped for, but sometimes the simple answers are the right ones! This means wearing protective clothing when necessary, limiting sun exposure, and immediately tending to any injuries that occur. 

When to See a Physician

Cyst removal in Rochester is a relatively simple procedure for our specialists; however, physicians still have their place in the conversation as well. Keep in mind that hair will not grow on a tumor. So, if your suspected cyst is in an area that typically has hair but currently doesn’t, we recommend consulting your primary care physician immediately. 

Clearer, Comfortable Skin With Envision

If you’re tired of that cyst and want to get clearer, healthier skin, there’s only one specialist in Rochester you need to know. Dr. Katherine Whipple and the rest of our wonderful team at Envision are here to give you comfortable, confident looks with the highest quality of care! 

Get started by scheduling your consultation, or use our virtual consultation tool to see what could be.