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Top 5 Benefits of a Facial in Rochester

The benefits of getting a facial in Rochester can be a revived, more youthful appearance, and feeling more like the person you are on the inside. Those benefits can also include alleviating issues that have caused you stress, both aesthetically, and medically.

Approaching a facial can mean a soothing, relaxing experience, or a medically-advised therapeutic one. The benefits of a facial can include both aspects, but there is an important distinction involving their goals.

Medical Facial vs Spa Facial

First, let’s look at the difference between a medical facial and a spa facial.

Spa Facial

This treatment can revive your skin, rejuvenate your look, and give you that “glow” we all love. Also, it can provide wonderful stress-relief. Stress not only affects your mood and your outlook in general, it can affect the way you look. 

Stress and anxiety increases the body’s production of cortisol, a hormone that promotes oil production in your skin. This can cause more pimples, blackheads, and cysts. It also worsens acne outbreaks, making toxins and grime cling to the skin while giving bacteria a more fertile place to live.

Spa facials clean the skin, clear the pores, rehydrate the skin, and provide a relaxing time to step back from the world, and spend some quality “me” time luxuriating in the attentive nature of the treatment.

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Medical Facial

This treatment does all of the above for your skin, and more. A medical facial can treat your skin from the inside out, which is a great benefit for a facial in Rochester. It promotes collagen stimulation for better skin health, improves circulation, and removes toxins and infectious bacteria.

However, a medical facial is focused on skin results. It can be a more intense treatment, using medical grade products and tools that are generally more powerful than in a spa facial. These facials are often employed in a series to achieve more dramatic results. 

This intensity can cause more discomfort, but also is meant to affect more dramatic results. It may incur longer recovery time, and more detailed aftercare.

Types of facials in Rochester

Top 5 Benefits of a Facial in Rochester

Either way, you—and your skin—will love the results. Let’s count down our top 5 benefits from getting your facial at Envision Aesthetics.

Benefit 5: We’ll be there with you all the way. 

A medical expert at Envision will analyze your situation, listen to you as you discuss your concerns, and then provide you with the best course of action to meet your goals. It’s a two-way street, asking questions, answering them, and above all, making sure your procedures bring about the best results.

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Benefit 4: Improved blood flow

That “glow” we love? That’s blood flow bringing necessary nutrients, hydration, and life to your skin. Aging naturally slows our circulation, which is what causes our skin to look tired or dull. The treatments themselves, along with massage, return that youthful radiance to your skin.

Benefit 3: Clean out clogged pores

There are various methods, but the end product—unclogged, cleared pores—means a freshened look which is also hygienically healing. The benefits of a facial in Rochester should include the removal of blackheads and the cleansing of dirt and dead skin.  They can even provide improved acne care, professional exfoliation and rehydration.  And all of these make your skin healthier. 

Benefit 2: Detect skin cancer early

When you see your Envision medical expert on a regular basis, we’ll track changes in your skin. We’ll see when something is looking “different,” even if you don’t. And that’s an important and possibly life-saving benefit of a facial in Rochester: an extra set of eyes, watching for warning signs, and helping to catch anything early. 

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Benefit 1: Remembering you deserve the care

We all get so busy caring for others, taking on the world and the bills and the work and the family schedules, that we can forget ourselves in the mix. You deserve a break. You deserve care. You deserve to hit the pause button, and spend an hour, maybe 90 minutes, enjoying “me” time. 

By yourself, with your friends, either way, getting a facial at Envision Aesthetics is a perfect way to celebrate the wonder that is you.

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Facials can help you create the best version of you 

Now you know the top 5 benefits of a facial in Rochester, so you can “face the day” your way! We know there are plenty of cosmetic options available to you in Rochester, Fairport, New York, Brighton, and surrounding regions. So thank you for the opportunity to talk with you about your aesthetic goals, and how to achieve them. 

That’s what we do at Envision Aesthetics: help you discover the best version of you. Contact us with any questions you might have, or discover which med spa treatment option is right for you with our free virtual consultation tool. You can always schedule a free 1-hour consultation so that we can sit one-on-one and discuss all your aesthetic options. We look forward to working with you!