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What to Expect From Your Ideal Facial Clinic in Rochester.

When it comes to your skin, you deserve the best results possible. At Envision, we don’t offer any second-best treatments. Our facial clinic in Rochester only provides the best techniques to achieve the best results. This is why so many patients trust our specialists with their facial treatments

Treatment means more than just the procedure our specialists perform. Our aestheticians treat every patient like a loved one. That means that your facial is tailor-made to reach your personal aesthetic needs. 

Like every treatment option at Envision, it all starts in your consultation with a conversation. Here are a few questions you may be asking yourself that can make that conversation even better!

Why do I need a clinical facial?

Your facial clinic in Rochester should fit every one of your individual needs. That’s why no two treatment plans at Envision are the same. So when considering your options, consider these key areas.

Skin Condition

Crepey, lax skin is often attributed to aging. Additionally, melasma, discoloration, and scarring are all contributing factors to your skin’s overall appearance and condition.

Overall volume

We also consider how much volume is in your skin. Over time, your natural processes slow down resulting in volume loss and leading to sagging skin, lines, and folds. While this is completely natural, you deserve to look as young as you feel.

Your lifestyle.

Patients that trust Envision have a lot more to consider than just the clinical side of their treatment. Our facial clinic in Rochester includes the best treatments to suit your everyday life. So when talking about your treatment options, we also take the time to talk about your lifestyle. 

By learning about your personal routines and clinical health, your aesthetician will learn why and how your treatment should work for you. This is why your clinic of choice should include more than just treatment options. You deserve specialists that keep your lifestyle and goals in mind as well. As you start to narrow down your options, this is the next question you should ask your facial clinic in Rochester.

What clinical facial is best for me?

After we’ve learned about you and the health of your skin, it’s time to go over your options. Your aesthetician will help you narrow down options and start to build your treatment plan based on how each clinical facial in Rochester works. So here is a little about how each works and why your specialist might recommend it.

PRX-T33 Peel

Also known as the unicorn facial, this treatment was originally developed to treat scarring in children. A unicorn facial uses a complementary blend used in other peel techniques. But the unique combination of TCA and kojic acid works to deeply rejuvenate underlying layers of skin while keeping the top layer intact. 

This clinical facial is one of the most advanced on the market, and we recommend it for many reasons. If you’re a busy person, this is considered one of the best lunchtime facials available. You can get right back to work with minimal redness and peeling. 

Cosmelan Peel

As your aesthetician analyzes your skin, they may find discoloration, also known as melasma. This is a common skin condition that causes the skin to appear discolored and marked by brown spots. 

The go-to treatment for this at Envision is a Cosmelan peel. This treatment combines skin-loving ingredients to effectively target discoloration and uneven texture in the skin.


Your facial clinic in Rochester should focus on your overall natural look. That’s why Envision offers a lot more options than just facial peels. One of the most popular treatments right now is HydraFacial. This treatment works to get toxins and debris out and put hydration and nourishment into your skin. 

By combining a deep cleanse with specially formulated boosters, your Hydrafacial in Rochester promotes your natural beauty by bringing you the healthiest skin possible. All of our facial treatments are performed by certified, highly trained aestheticians, so you can breathe a sigh of relief as you trust our specialists with your natural beauty.

Real results from the best Aestheticians

At Envision, we believe in treating every patient like a loved one. With this mindset, everyone who trusts us to empower their natural beauty receives the highest level of personal and professional care. You’ll start by talking with Amanda Phelps, our licensed aesthetician and ophthalmic technician. Then you’ll be treated by our entire staff during your clinical facial in Rochester, 

Get your glow on!

Now that you know what to talk about and who to trust, it’s time to get glowing! Schedule your consultation today to get the conversation started. Or check out our virtual consultation tool to learn more about your treatment options.