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Meet Kysse: A Revolutionary Natural Lip Filler in Rochester

When it comes to adding volume to your lips, dermal fillers are the go-to. But which dermal filler is best for achieving the most seamless, natural look? Short answer: Kysse (yes, it’s pronounced “kiss”)! 

This one-of-a-kind injectable is intentionally formulated to plump your lips while still allowing complete natural expressions. 100% of clinical trials have proven results! Here’s everything you need to know about Restylane Kysse, straight from Envision Aesthetics’ knowledgeable team of injectors near you:

The benefits of Kysse as a natural lip filler in Rochester

The pros of Kysse fillers are undeniable, from effectiveness to comfort! This groundbreaking injectable seamlessly melts into your lips, allowing you to reach your aesthetic goals without changing your smile or the way you talk.

Longer lasting effects

While most other fillers only last about about 1 year, Kysse fillers can last for up to 3! Plus, the treatment itself takes as little as 20 minutes.

Age-rewinding capabilities

As we age, our skin loses elasticity causing wrinkles, sagginess, and a loss of volume. By intentionally injecting this natural lip filler in Rochester, we can smooth out lip lines around the mouth in a pinch! Non-symmetric facial features are one of our patients’ top concerns, and our injectors can seamlessly even out your lips for a subtle yet impactful balance.

Avoiding the overdone look

Most of us don’t want a “frozen” face, but rather a subtle enhancement to our natural features. Kysse’s unique formula is specially developed for patients with sensitive skin and lips, but this makes it the most gentle option in addition to being the most effective!

While choosing the right filler is half the battle, finding the right injector is crucial. Any injectable can easily be overdone, so working with a trusted professional with good reviews is imperative to loving your look (and getting the best bang for your buck). Envision’s experienced team of injectors understand that your needs are unique, and we’ll tailor the amounts and placements of lip filler to optimize your smile!

Plus, we’ll provide everything you need to maintain your newfound supple lips, from treating bruising to maintenance plans. 

Visit Envision’s trusted injectors for the premier natural lip filler in Rochester!

Ready to perfect your pout with Kysse? Our highly trained and experienced injectors can’t wait to help you feel more confident, however you see fit! To learn more about our other filler options, such as the key difference between Botox and Dysport, stop by our blog.

Contact us now for more details on how we use Kysse as a natural lip filler in Rochester or get instant personalized recommendations through our virtual consultation tool. If you’re itching to get started ASAP, schedule your free in-person consultation today so we can work together to develop the ultimate treatment plan just for you.