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The countless summers spent soaking up the sun’s rays can take a serious toll on our skin. And after years of UV exposure, you may begin to notice more wrinkles, freckles, brown spots & uneven pigmentation, or sagging skin. At Envision Eye & Aesthetics, we offer numerous aesthetic procedures & laser treatments, including laser resurfacing, in Rochester to treat a wide range of skin concerns, from wrinkles to uneven skin texture and tone.

Many of these procedures treat the same or similar issues, but vary in method, technology, recovery time, and more. 

Laser treatments versus broadband light treatments

There are a variety of lasers that can help resurface the skin by repairing damage caused by the sun. Laser treatments are great for people who have skin concerns that go deep underneath the surface.

Light treatments, such as broadband light (BBL), offer similar resurfacing results, but with less downtime and other subtle differences that may make it a better option for some patients.

When it comes to knowing how to treat sun damage with laser resurfacing in Rochester, the experienced team at Envision Aesthetics has the training and knowledge to help you weigh your options and determine what will best meet your unique goals.

Additionally, it’s important to note that light-based treatments are best performed in the late fall or winter. This is when you can more easily avoid sun exposure and you do not have a summer tan anymore.

What does light do to the skin?


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There is a wide spectrum of light wavelengths – some of which are extremely beneficial, and others which can be harmful to skin. 

Light energy with a shorter wavelength, like X-rays and UV rays, penetrate the skin with ionizing radiation, altering your DNA and causing serious damage.

The sun emits these rays, including UVA and UVB; they are to blame for premature aging, wrinkles, sagging, brown spots, and even skin cancer. 

Other wavelengths, on the other hand, like infrared light or LED light, have therapeutic effects on the skin. They selectively target and remove impurities when focused on a particular area. This light energy can even reverse some of the visible damage done to the skin by UV rays!

How does laser resurfacing in Rochester work?


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One of the most popular lasers we use at Envision Aesthetics to perform laser resurfacing in Rochester is comprised of two different types of wavelengths: ablative and non-ablative. With an intelligent energy delivery, this laser ensures precise, even, safe treatments, while remaining comfortable to the patient. 

This unique hybrid fractional laser is called the Halo® laser, and has been widely commended for its effectiveness in medical aesthetic clinics across the country. 

Ablative wavelengths remove the epidermal layer, producing the most dramatic laser-treated results for skin resurfacing. This laser promotes collagen formation and retraction of the dermis and epidermis to tighten the skin.

Non-ablative wavelengths are not nearly as aggressive, but are able to treat the skin for other conditions such as acne, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone. 

By combining both wavelengths together into one device, the Halo laser has been effective for clients looking to improve the skin on their face, neck, hands, and chest. 

Is a Halo laser treatment right for you?

What laser resurfacing treatments can I get at Envision Aesthetics?


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Halo® Laser

Like we mentioned above, the Halo laser by Sciton combines two wavelengths of light (lasers) to give you the best of both worlds: skin resurfacing plus deep collagen stimulation. With Halo laser treatments, we can deliver precisely the wavelengths you need to eliminate signs of aging and damage on your skin.

As the world’s first hybrid fractional laser, Halo’s technology breaks the laser’s light into many tiny beams. This allows us to keep some skin intact and drastically decreases the healing time when compared with other laser resurfacing treatments.

After just one treatment with our Halo laser, patients can expect to see significant improvement in:

• Wrinkles & fine lines
• Sun damage & brown spots
• Enlarged pores
• Sagging skin
• Skin texture & tone
• Melasma

Read about Halo laser for melasma


Sciton’s MicroLaserPeel offers deeper laser skin resurfacing in Rochester for our patients who are looking to treat more advanced sun damage. 

This state-of-the-art erbium laser removes the outer layers of skin with an ablative wavelength in an extremely safe & precise manner. Much like the healing response Halo triggers, your body goes to work repairing these wounds to the skin with healthy, radiant new skin cells. 

Depending on the extent of your skin damage and your goals for treatment, we can customize the depth of treatment for even better visible results. Most clients require 1 to 7 days of downtime to allow the skin to properly reduce swelling, peel, and heal.

Broadband Light (BBL)

Similar to the above lasers, our Forever Young BBL™ device by Sciton also emits focused light energy to treat a range of skin concerns. The key difference between laser resurfacing in Rochester & BBL when treating sun damage is how and what wavelengths each device uses to treat the skin.

A laser is a focused, concentrated beam of light, while broadband light (BBL) is multiple wavelengths of light. Lasers treat small areas and are ideal for extremely precise treatment. BBL, on the other hand, shines diffused light over larger surface areas. 

BBL delivers less energy than a laser, making it a more gentle treatment option. But don’t let that fool you—our BBL device offers incredible results to our patients.

With BBL in Rochester, we can dramatically improve the appearance of:

• Active acne & acne scars
• Age spots & sun damage
• Fine lines & wrinkles
• Freckles
• Redness & rosacea
• Small facial vessels
• Enlarged pores
• Sagging skin

What other Envision treatments compliment laser resurfacing in Rochester?


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At Envision Aesthetics, many of our services can be combined for a synergistic effect. This creates more dramatic results and giving you beautifully healthy skin. 

Keep reading for our recommendations for treatments that pair well with laser resurfacing in Rochester:

Botox® & Dermal Fillers

If you want to banish your most stubborn wrinkles, then combine injectables like Botox and fillers with your laser resurfacing treatments! 

Our neurotoxins, Botox, Dysport®, and Xeomin® minimize laugh lines & nasolabial folds, relax deep frown lines & forehead creases, lift drooping brows, hide crow’s feet, and more. 

Dermal fillers like Juvéderm®, Restylane®, Sculptra®, and more, use hyaluronic acid to support and boost tissue volume. We can also use fillers to plump lips, treat wrinkles, and correct facial asymmetry. 

When should I book it?
There are different advantages to having Botox or dermal fillers injected either before or after your laser resurfacing treatments. 

We typically recommend our patients have their injectable treatments performed first. This is because these products affect the skin’s subdermal layer. We can get a more accurate idea of where your natural folds, wrinkles, and lines lie after injectables.

It is important to wait at least 2 weeks after injection to have any laser resurfacing treatments to allow the skin to heal.

Chemical Peels

Patients with more advanced sun damage may choose to combine the power of light and chemical exfoliants for better, complexion-clearing results. 

The laser treatments will work to address deeper sun damage and pigmentation. Chemical peels treat shallower layers of skin, which we can use to treat superficial brown spots, and address loss of skin elasticity from the sun’s rays.

When should I book it?
During your consultation, we will discuss your unique goals and analyze your skin to determine exactly which order we want to proceed with. In general, most patients have laser resurfacing treatments first. Depending on their results, we can add a series of chemical peels to further dissolve the signs of sun damage.


Microneedling is a treatment that uses tiny needles to prick the skin. When the skin is punctured, your body goes into “repair mode” to generate new collagen and skin tissue. Over time, this revitalizes and plumps the skin.

Additionally, open pores allow a much easier channel for your skin to soak up all the amazing, refreshing ingredients in post-treatment serums.

When should I book it?
Once the skin has completely healed after a series of microneedling treatments, patients may choose to undergo laser resurfacing in Rochester at Envision to treat deeper sun damage and wrinkles. 

Alternatively, regular microneedling treatments may be a great maintenance plan for patients who have laser resurfacing. You may wish to continue to minimize sun damage and achieve glowing, gorgeous skin. 

Salt Facial

A Salt Facial is one of the latest and greatest advanced medical facials on the market. Patients with congested, dull skin can reap the benefits of natural sea salt exfoliation, cavitation ultrasound, and high-powered LED therapy. This all happens in a relaxing 60-minute session!

This three-step Salt Facial restores, replenishes, and rejuvenates all skin types, addressing acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and enlarged pores. With regular treatments, our patients can see dramatically improved & healthier skin.

When should I book it?
There really is no wrong time to have a Salt Facial! We find that most patients find this incredibly relaxing procedure the perfect seasonal maintenance treatment for healthy & happy skin. 

As long as your skin has completely healed from laser resurfacing at our Rochester office, you can treat yourself to a Salt Facial. 

Why choose Envision Aesthetics for laser resurfacing in Rochester?


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Envision Aesthetics is proud to be the premier medical aesthetic clinic in Rochester. Our consultations and laser resurfacing treatments are performed by trained experts. So you can rest assured knowing you are in the most skilled and practiced hands in the region.

Additionally, our practice is operated by a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist who has completed a fellowship in Orbital and Oculofacial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Our team works hard to create a safe & efficient environment for each of our patients.

Schedule your free consultation with the Envision Aesthetics team for laser resurfacing in Rochester today!


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