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Envision Aesthetics has so many solutions for our patients to feel and look their best. Our specialists are proud to use state-of-the-art treatments like Skintyte, and PRP for hair loss. But the vast array of services we offer for facial plastic surgery in Rochester is what sets Envision Aesthetics apart from other providers.

We don’t just offer more options for your facial plastic surgery. We offer expertise and caring specialists that love to help our patients love the way they look. 

Every one of our patients begins their journey with a conversation. You even have options when it comes to your consultation! You can schedule a consultation in person with a specialist, or complete a virtual consultation to visualize what you want to improve from your couch!

What facial plastic surgery do I need?

Unless you’ve done days of research and spent hours in front of a mirror, it may be hard to tell what specific treatments work for your specific needs. There is no “silver bullet” for everyone when it comes to improving how you look and feel. Which is why our specialists take time to understand your specific needs. 

Time, sun exposure, and even gravity are all causes of sagging, wrinkles, and lines. So we discuss your concerns and do our own analysis of your skin to find the root causes. We explain these causes in plain language to keep you on the same page as your specialist. This helps to understand your options better when we plan your facial plastic surgery in Rochester.

Your natural beauty, your natural-looking results.

It’s okay to be careful when considering your facial plastic surgery. We’ve all seen what happens when plastic surgery doesn’t look natural. That’s why we take a deep dive into your facial structure, history, and concerns before we work our magic.

Dr. Katherine Whipple sets her main focus on enhancing your natural look rather than creating a new one. When talking about your treatment options, we don’t talk about adding unnecessary fillers or surgeries. We lay out all of your treatment options based on your natural beauty. Each option helps you achieve the most natural-looking results from your facial plastic surgery in Rochester.

What are my options for facial plastic surgery?

If you’ve been looking into facial plastic surgery in Rochester, your head is probably spinning from all of the simple tricks and quick fixes out there. When talking with our specialists about your options, we don’t offer any shortcuts. We opt for lasting results and natural beauty over tricks and fads. So let’s look at some of the options you may discuss in your consultation.

Brow Lift

Since the apple fell on Sir Issac Newton’s head, gravity has not been kind to us. If you’re noticing lines, wrinkles, and sagging around your forehead or brow line, gravity and time are the culprit. To treat this, your best option is most likely a brow lift.

Before and after images of a brow lift. Brow lifts are a great option when considering facial plastic surgery in Rochester.

A brow lift or forehead lift is a surgical procedure designed to tighten the skin on your brow in order to provide a smooth, youthful look. Our minimally invasive technique uses endoscopic cameras to lift your skin without removing any in the process. The entire procedure takes about 1-2 hours with a recovery time of 1-2 weeks.

Lip Lift

We’ve all heard the quick tricks and simple fixes to perfect your pout. But so many of those fads end up with “duck lips”, or painful bruising. Instead of trusting your bestie that found a new trick. Trust our specialists with the right technique for the best results.

Before and after images of a lip lift. Lip lifts are an option when considering facial plastic surgery in Rochester.

Since your lips are unique to you, your treatment should be as well. We use Lip Augmentation, Dermal Fillers, and Fat Grafting to give you the best results for your goals. Dermal fillers and Fat Grafting use injections of hyaluronic acid and your own fat. But there is a reason Lip Augmentation is one of the most popular facial plastic surgeries in Rochester. With Lip Augmentation, we put in a customized lip implant for a more permanent option.

Neck Lift

Surgeons know this as a lower rhytidectomy, but you’ll know it as the best way to ditch that turkey neck. Neck lift surgeries serve a few purposes. They remove fat, remove excess skin, and remove banding to give you a tighter neckline.

Neck lifts are a popular choice because they produce noticeable results with short incisions. While this can be a stand-alone lift like the ones discussed previously, it is often recommended for older patients who may be considering a facelift as well.

Surgical Facelift

With any cosmetic surgery, it’s important to have board-certified surgeons like our own Dr. Whipple. It’s because of her expertise, that we are proud to add surgical facelifts to our treatment options. Your skin changes as you age. But so many factors can affect our patients’ skin in many different ways. That’s why we tailor your surgery to your specific needs.

At its core, a facelift does just what it sounds like. In a facelift, we “lift” your face and re-suspend the tissues. To enhance the natural look after your surgery, we also plan the incisions around your hairline and behind your ears to hide any scarring. We also use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible to keep recovery times low and keep scarring to a minimum.

What to expect from your Facial Plastic Surgery.

When planning your treatments we look at more than just your conditions. We consider your lifestyle, goals, and overall health as we plan out your treatment and recovery. That way you can get the right treatment without upsetting your daily life.

Before your Procedure

In your consultation, we go over medications and supplements that you may need to stop taking before surgery and when to stop them. It’s important to be completely transparent about any concerns. So ask your specialist what medications and what dosage is safe before and after your procedure.

When preparing for your surgery, you’ll also be instructed to stop eating or drinking anything after midnight the night before your surgery. But you can still drink water and take approved medications approved by our specialist.

You’ll also want to arrange for help during recovery. Make sure you have someone to take you home after your surgery and help you out during the recovery period. This is a great opportunity for your significant other to score some brownie points!  

During Procedure

On the day of your surgery, you’ll check in and be escorted back to our comfortable treatment rooms. Depending on your surgery, we’ll administer intravenous or general anesthesia and make sure you don’t feel anything before we work our magic.

We only make the most necessary incisions and use minimally invasive techniques as much as possible. This not only helps retain the natural look of your skin, it improves the speed and quality of your recovery. Your doctor will help you plan your schedule on the day of your procedure to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Recovery and follow-ups.

After we finish your procedure, we’ll let you know what to expect for your recovery. Some procedures take up to 2 weeks for patients to recover. So during the recovery process, our specialists will be available for any questions or concerns post-surgery. 

We help our patients understand their pain medication, apply bandages, and schedule follow-up appointments. In the months after your surgery, it’s important to follow instructions from your specialist. We go over what soaps to use, what to wear, and what activities to avoid during your recovery. This is why we use the most minimally invasive techniques possible. Fewer incisions mean less recovery and more time to enjoy your results!

Upstate New York’s choice for facial plastic surgery.

When considering where to go for your procedure, consider who you’ll be working with first. Envision Aesthetics has been a premiere medspa for clients across upstate New York since 2015. Our patients keep recommending us because they know that you’ll be working with top-tier facial specialists who care about their patients. 

Our philosophy is that if you treat each patient as a loved one, you can’t go wrong. We treat every patient like a member of the family and it shows in our work. That’s what sets us apart from other medspas in Rochester. Our compassion along with cutting-edge tools and techniques lead to results for our patients and a stellar reputation for our specialists.

Meet Dr. Katherine Whipple

Our resident Cosmetic and Reconstructive Oculofacial Plastic surgeon is one of the highest-rated plastic surgeons in Upstate New York for many reasons. Dr. Whipple uses her experience as a board-certified ophthalmologist and her extensive training in aesthetic treatments to provide the most natural results for her patients.

Starting in your consultation, Dr. Whipple helps you envision your new look by improving the natural beauty that is already there. She values your individual features rather than overdoing them. Which is why she’s become an authority on facial plastic surgery in Rochester.

Ready for results?

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