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The Best Treatment for Thinning Hair in Rochester

It can be disheartening when your hair begins to thin. Factors such as genetics, medical conditions, medications, and even stress can cause your hair to lose its thickness. You may be tempted to spend thousands on expensive procedures from a hair surgeon near you. But here’s the good news: you’re close to discovering the best treatment for thinning hair in Rochester.

So what is it?

We’ll give you a hint: it’s found in your own blood, it’s full of amazing growth factors, and our team at Envision Aesthetics has seen it do wonders for men and women. Still not sure? Then read on to learn more about the best treatment for thinning hair in Rochester (and no, it doesn’t involve surgery). 

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The winner is: PRP for hair loss

If you’re looking for a treatment for hair loss in Rochester that doesn’t involve daily medications or surgery, platelet-rich plasma could be your perfect solution. Plus, it’s 100% natural since it comes for your own body, meaning you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions or terrible side effects. 

PRP is one of the most advanced, natural ways to regenerate and accelerate tissue repair. It’s produced by your own blood, which is composed of plasma and blood cells. Here’s the cool part: PRP comes with tons of growth factors, allowing it to enhance the functions of cells it comes across. 

As a result, wherever PRP works its magic, cellular growth, formation of new blood vessels, and hair growth follows. 

What to expect when getting PRP for hair loss

This treatment for thinning hair is fairly quick and involves three easy steps. Plus, once your treatment is done, you’re free to go about the rest of your day with only 0 to 5 days of downtime. 

Step One: Draw blood

When you come in for your appointment, the first thing your provider will do is draw your blood. Remember, platelet-rich plasma is part of your blood. You feel a slight prick from the needle, but for most people there’s no pain. 

Step Two: Isolate the PRP

Next, it’s time to isolate the PRP from your blood. This is done with a machine called a centrifuge. Blood runs through the centrifuge, effectively separating PRP from red blood cells.

Step Three: Inject the PRP

Once separated, your provider will transfer the PRP into syringes to inject it into your scalp. The amount of injections along with where you’ll get them depends on your specific needs. 

As PRP replenishes your scalp with growth factors, you’ll soon notice fuller, thicker hair that is 100% your own!

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