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How Many Units of Botox Do I Need In Rochester?

Many of our patients at Envision Aesthetics have made the commitment to get rid of lines and wrinkles with Botox® (or Dysport® or Xeomin®) or fillers. But many are unsure of how many units they actually need to purchase to achieve their skin goals.

The exact number of units required will vary from patient to patient, but we’ve got some tips and recommendations for you so you can “know before you go” for your facial injectables and Botox in Rochester from Envision Aesthetics!

Of course, during your free consultation at Envision, we’ll make an exact recommendation on how many units of filler or Botox you need to buy before coming to see us for your facial injections!

Questions to ask before getting Botox

First things first: How many units of injectables are in a syringe?

Part of the cost of your fillers and Botox in Rochester will depend on how many units of material we’ll be injecting. Botox and other neurotoxin injectables are put into the face by the “unit,” while fillers are injected by the syringe or vial.

Based on your individual goals and dreams for your skin, our experienced team will let you know exactly how much Botox or filler you’ll be purchasing. 

Here are some general guidelines for how many units of injectable material is in a syringe:


There are 100 units of Botox and Xeomin per syringe and 300 units of Dysport per syringe. 


There is 0.8 cc of Restylane® per syringe, 1.0 cc of Juvéderm® & Voluma® per syringe, and 1.0 cc of Belotero® per syringe. Sculptra®, a filler that actually stimulates natural collagen production, is administered with different guidelines (more below) but contains 367.5mg of product per vial.

The difference between fillers & Botox

How Many Units Of Botox Do I Need To Treat My Forehead?

Now that you understand how these injectables are measured, we can help you know what to expect when you come to Envision Aesthetics for your Botox in Rochester.

If you’re interested in treating the horizontal lines across your forehead, up to 20 units of Botox may be injected. For the glabellar, or “11” lines between the eyes, another 20 units may be injected, meaning for your entire forehead, up to 40 units of Botox (or Dysport, or Xeomin) may be injected.

We will take your age and dynamic wrinkles into account to determine exactly how many units of Botox we recommend to treat your forehead.

What About Botox for Crow’s Feet or Nasalis Lines?

If the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes (“crow’s feet” as they’re commonly called) bothers you, you can expect to use about 6 to 15 units of Botox per side to treat them. Additionally, if you’d like to minimize your nasalis or “bunny” lines around your nose, the typical recommendation is 5 to 10 units of Botox per side.

What Can One Syringe of Filler Do For Me?

At Envision Aesthetics, we offer Juvéderm, Voluma, Restylane, Belotero, and Sculptra fillers at our Rochester office for patients looking to treat non-dynamic wrinkles, replace lost volume in their cheeks or temples, to plump thin lips, and more! 

Fillers are purchased and administered by the syringe. Depending on the area(s) we are treating, your age, and which type of filler we are using, you’ll receive an exact purchase recommendation during your filler consultation.

In general, to treat the nasolabial folds or “marionette lines,” around the mouth, we’ll use between one to two syringes of filler. We recommend this same dosage to achieve the perfect pout.

How is Sculptra unique?

Sculptra is slightly different because it is a filler that also acts as an extremely powerful collagen stimulator. As a guide for how much Sculptra you’ll need to address your concerns, it’s recommended that you need one vial per decade of your well-lived life. 

So, if you’re in your fabulous forties, you can expect to need 4 vials of Sculptra. 

Get fillers and Botox in Rochester at Envision Aesthetics

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