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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Blepharoplasty in Rochester

No matter your gender, ethnicity, or lifestyle, eventually your eyelids will begin to droop. As your muscles grow weaker and your skin becomes more delicate, this typically starts to happen after the age of 40, but sometimes as early as late 20s and early 30s. Your eyes are one of the first things people notice about you, so under eye bags and sagging eyelids can make you appear older than you actually are.

So, what are the options for giving your eyes a youthful lift? While medical-grade skincare products can help you prevent these symptoms and address mild effects, eyelid surgery is the most effective solution. Here’s a breakdown on what to expect from a blepharoplasty in Rochester from the eye experts at Envision Aesthetics.

The causes of drooping eyelids

Sagging or “droopy” eyelids, also known as ptosis, can occur due to nerve damage, after trauma such as a stroke, and simply age. Think of your skin as a net: it becomes less tightly woven over time. This also causes the levator muscle, responsible for lifting your eyelid, to weaken which results in less ability to fully open your eyes. 

This can not only make you appear older than you are, but also impair your peripheral vision and in severe cases (when completely covering the pupil) blurry/double vision and total restriction. Many patients with severe ptosis lift their chin up or raise their eyebrows to see better, which can result in further tearing and wrinkles.

The causes of persistent under-eye “bags”

Unfortunately, we’re all familiar with the dark under-eye circles we get after a poor night’s sleep. You’ve likely also experienced puffy under-eyes, whether it be from seasonal allergies, bloating, or having just woken up. However, these kinds of under-eye concerns are temporary. So, what if yours are permanent?

Going back to the idea of your skin wearing and sagging like a net, your muscles also begin to weaken as the surrounding tissue does. This pushes pockets of fat towards the surface, giving you the “puff” effect. This permanent effect may be due to genetics at an earlier age, but also is due to happen to most people at some point. 

Rather than a swollen appearance, some people experience small skin rolls beneath their eyes as a similar result. While most patients assume these are wrinkles, that isn’t always the case. These uneven fat deposits can also result in lines forming.

How to prevent aging eyes

While there’s no permanent solution to avoid aging around the eyes, you can push it off for as long as possible (and maintain your results after a blepharoplasty in Rochester)! While making healthy lifestyle choices like avoiding smoking and excessive drinking, avoiding tanning, and sticking to a balanced diet prevent signs of aging in general, medical-grade skincare is key if you need a boost.

Hydration is essential, as your skin grows more delicate when it’s dry. Not only should you be drinking half a gallon of water every day, but also delivering those crucial nutrients directly into your dermis. Talk to a skincare expert to develop your custom routine, typically consisting of a light SPF moisturizer in the morning and heavier creams at night. 

Our patient and staff favorites include:

What is a blepharoplasty?

If you’re not very involved in the aesthetics world, you probably haven’t heard this term before. What you likely have heard a blepharoplasty called is eyelid surgery, but what does that entail? A blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that consists of removing excess tissue (skin and or fat) from the upper or lower eyelids.

Our specialists often offer a blepharoplasty in Rochester in conjunction with a brow lift to maximize anti-aging effects. By removing loose skin and fat deposits, your eyelids reposition naturally for a more open appearance.

Types of blepharoplasties

There are two kinds of blepharoplasties: upper and lower

While upper blepharoplasties address sagging eyelids, lower blepharoplasties minimize under eye bags. Our specialists can also combine these procedures to target both areas in a single blepharoplasty in Rochester.

An upper blepharoplasty focuses more on lifting skin and muscles back into their youthful state. This form is also most common for those looking to get a brow lift and or struggling with impaired vision due to eyelid sagging.


A lower blepharoplasty in Rochester lifts from below, often consisting more of fat deposit removal to reduce puffiness. Consulting with an eye surgeon will help you determine which option is best for your overall confidence and comfort.

What to expect from a blepharoplasty in Rochester

When it comes to cosmetically enhancing anywhere on your face, but especially your eyes, finding an experienced and personable surgeon is crucial. Beyond ensuring that you achieve the natural results you want, this also ensures your safety throughout the surgery and healing process. Here’s what a blepharoplasty in Rochester will consist of, from start to finish.

Before your surgery

Prior to any surgery, you should always meet with your provider for an in-person consultation. This will give you the chance to make sure that you trust your provider and are comfortable voicing your concerns at all times. Here you can see the office and meet the staff you’ve read reviews on (P.S. We have a 5-star rating!) to confirm what you’ve researched. 

When it comes to a blepharoplasty in Rochester, there’s no one-size-fits all technique. At your consultation, a specialist will inspect your eyelid concerns after you explain your goals, working with you to determine if a lower, upper, or combination blepharoplasty is best for you.

After nailing down which procedure suits your needs, we’ll help you schedule your surgery and follow-up appointments at times convenient for you. We’ll also give you a rundown of what to expect the day of and during recovery, providing detailed instructions and answering any questions you may have!

During your surgery

When you arrive for your blepharoplasty, which you should find a ride for as you won’t be able to drive home after, you’ll be greeted by staff and led to the operation room. Before getting started, we’ll quickly go over what you can expect and ensure that you have everything you need to remain comfortable (such as water, a blanket, and a hand to hold if needed!). 

Next, we’ll typically use local anesthesia to numb the treatment area but keep you conscious throughout the procedure. We’re committed to ensuring your comfort, so we may also offer general anesthesia in some cases (as decided beforehand). 

For upper blepharoplasties, the surgeon will create a precise incision along the upper eyelid’s natural crease to minimize scarring. A lower blepharoplasty will consist of making a similar incision along the lower lash line or beneath the surface of the lower eyelid. After removing excess skin and or fat, they will then stitch the treatment area so the total surgery takes about 1-2 hours. 

After your surgery

Immediately after your blepharoplasty in Rochester, your surgeon will provide pain medications discussed beforehand, which may include eye drops. Remember to follow your post-op instructions carefully and contact your provider immediately if you experience anything not discussed or have an issue with pain.

Typically, we recommend that you keep your eye bandages on for the next 24 hours. From here, you can gently cleanse, ice, and medicate the area as directed. Remember to avoid touching your eyes directly for at least 2 weeks and sleep face-up on a pillow to reduce swelling and associated pain.

Bruising and swelling will subside greatly within the next 2 weeks, then you are free to return to work as you see fit. For the next 2-3 months, swelling will continue to go down as your results begin to show themselves! Stop by our results gallery for more blepharoplasty before and after images.

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