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What You Should Do Before and After Microblading for the Best Results

Both men and women turn to microblading to fill and reshape their brows for a more permanent, contoured look. While the treatment can achieve amazing results (as long as you visit a trained professional), there are steps you should take to ensure you get the outcome you desire. 

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Our team at Envision Aesthetics wants you to love your new look. For that reason, we’ve created this short guide to help! Keep reading for instructions on microblading before and after care.

What you should do before your microblading procedure

There are a few steps you should take starting a month before your microblading procedure to prep your eyebrows. Unlike popular belief, we will not ask you to shave off your brows. In fact, your current hair helps guide the natural fill in pattern.

Within a month before your procedure

✔️Do not tint your eyebrows

✔️Discontinue using Latisse or any other brow booster

Within 5 days before your procedure

✔️Do not use electrolysis

✔️Do not tweeze or wax your brows

✔️Get off antibiotics (make sure you have physician approval)

✔️Do not have an active infection

Within 2 days before your procedure

✔️Do not consume excessive alcohol or caffeine

✔️ Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, or Ibuprofen

Within 24 hours before your procedure

✔️Do not tan

✔️Avoid the sun (we cannot perform microblading over a sunburn!)

2 weeks after your procedure

✔️You may resume any method of hair removal desired

What you should do after your microblading procedure

Just as it’s important to take care of your brows and follow guidelines before your microblading  treatment, you should also take the necessary steps after your treatment. 

Our most helpful tips include:

  • Do not wear makeup for three days 
  • Don’t scratch or touch the area except to apply cream or clean the area
  • Avoid swimming or excessive sweating during workouts or other activities for five days afterwards
  • If you feel itchy, you can apply cream with a clean finger or q-tip

We will go over all of this and more during your initial consultation and answer any other questions you have to ensure you know how to properly go through the microblading before and after care process. 

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