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Treatments For Aging Skin Based On Wrinkle Type

As we age, our bodies go through numerous changes. As a med spa in Rochester, Envision Aesthetics understands that many people want to combat the effects of aging on their skin.

Our treatments for aging skin offer a variety of benefits for all types of wrinkles. Many clients come to us unsure of what treatment they need, but they can definitely describe the exact wrinkles they want to address.

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Let us help you understand which anti-aging treatments we offer at our Rochester office, which can treat any sort of wrinkle you’ve got.

Forehead Wrinkles

The cause

Forehead lines are one of the most common types of wrinkles that form on our faces as we age. Raising our eyebrows is a natural way of expression, and the more often you do this, the deeper these wrinkles can get. Spending time in the sun can also cause forehead wrinkle formation. If you don’t use sunscreen or wear hats when you’re spending time under the sun’s rays, the likelihood of forehead lines deepening can increase.

The treatment

Neuromodulator injections, such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, are among the most popular options to address forehead wrinkles. These FDA-approved cosmetic injectables relax your facial muscles to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions.

Fillers are also a great option for treating forehead wrinkles, especially when paired with Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin!

Crow’s Feet

The cause

Crow’s feet form at the corners of your eyes from natural eye expressions like smiling and squinting. While these lines are pretty much unavoidable as you age, you can help prevent crow’s feet (and any other lines and wrinkles) with adequate sun protection. Along with hats and/or sunscreen, UV-protected sunglasses are an easy way to protect this delicate skin around the eye from premature aging.

The treatment

We typically recommend injectables like neuromodulators and dermal fillers to treat fine lines and wrinkles, as they smooth out the skin in the corners of your eyes. Your consultation with an Envision Aesthetics specialist can help determine what will help achieve your goals for treatment. We may even recommend using both neuromodulators and fillers for the best results.

Nasolabial Folds

The cause

Nasolabial folds are the lines that show up from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth. They form from both smiling and the effects of gravity on your skin over the years. While we don’t discourage smiling, we can definitely help you address nasolabial folds to make them less prominent.

The treatment

If your nasolabial folds are not significantly prominent, filler can be a quick fix for these lines! Dermal filler will help to restore volume and smooth out the surface area.

Another treatment option to help nasolabial folds and stimulate collagen production is Sculptra®. Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid collagen stimulator. Collagen helps your skin have structure and bounce, and collagen production can help reverse the drooping effects on aging skin. Once it’s injected, Sculptra® helps to smooth wrinkles and folds and stimulate collagen production, which restores facial volume to smooth out nasolabial folds.

Marionette Lines

The cause

Marionette lines are lines that go from the corners of the mouth down the rest of the lower half of your face, similar to the lines of a marionette puppet. Like nasolabial folds, these lines are largely due to the natural aging process, gravity, and less collagen in our skin. As you age, your body’s amount of collagen produces reduces. This gives your skin less support and structure, forming lines.

The treatment

As with nasolabial folds, we recommend a collagen-boosting treatment like Sculptra to reduce or eliminate marionette lines on the face. We can also address marionette lines with fillers, neuromodulators, or collagen-inducing treatments like RF microneedling, BBL™ Photofacials, and skin lasers.

Laugh Lines

The cause

Just like the name, smile lines and laugh lines form when you’re laughing or grinning. While sun protection is always a must in order to help prevent these lines, repeated facial expressions can make them deeper. The good news is you don’t have to stop laughing or smiling! You can have the best of both worlds with an anti-aging treatment for this common skin concern.

The treatment

A quick treatment for these lines is filler, which is used to restore any lost volume in this area and “fill in” the lines. Depending on your individual lines, a neuromodulator treatment might be a great way to smooth out your smile lines and help prevent them from deepening.

Frown Lines

The cause

Frown lines, sometimes called “11s” lines, are one of the first wrinkles to bother many of our clients. These lines form with facial expressions, such as furrowing your brow, squinting, closely concentrating, or frowning.

The treatment

The most popular way to treat frown lines or 11s is with Botox or another neuromodulator. Since so many of us unconsciously frown throughout our day (especially if we are spending a lot of time looking at screens), many of our clients love the muscle relaxation benefit. Your face will not look frozen, it will just look smooth! However, you’ll prevent those deep creases from forming between the brows.

Neck Lines

The cause

Like the rest of these skin concerns, neck lines are a natural part of aging skin. Our skin loses collagen and elasticity as we get older and gravity causes “drooping.” Other factors like smoking, sun exposure, and even just spending a lot of time looking down (like looking at a phone,causing creasing), can expedite neck line formation.

The treatment

Depending on your age and skin’s condition, there are many treatment options for neck lines. We can treat mild-to-moderate lines with neuromodulator or filler injections to smooth the surface and help fill in any lost volume if needed.

If your neck lines are more significant, and you’re also dealing with skin laxity (sagging skin), an INTRAcel RF microneedling treatment may be for you! RF microneedling goes deeper than the surface of the skin to deliver heat through radiofrequency energy. This heat kicks collagen production into overdrive to produce tighter, firmer skin while reducing neck lines and laxity.

Bonus: RF microneedling is also a great treatment for skin laxity on the face and chest!

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