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The Ultimate Guide to Restylane® Kysse Lip Filler

Our lips are one of the focal points of our face. They help us express ourselves, and more voluminous lips have become a popular aesthetic feature. We can see why! Full lips can provide definition, contrast, and balance to your other facial features. Fuller lips also are great for kissing, hence the cheeky name for our new lip filler, Restylane® Kysse

Kysse lip filler (pronounced just like the word “kiss” ) is a new type of filler specifically formulated and designed to produce naturally beautiful and long-lasting results. Today, we’re going to provide the ultimate guide to Kysse lip filler and discuss its results, its benefits, what it enhances, and more! 

Envision Aesthetics is the premier med spa in Rochester, New York. We treat every patient how we would treat a loved one: with impeccable care and compassion. We are owned and operated by Dr. Katherine Whipple, a Cosmetic and Reconstructive Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon. 

We also have an incredible team of aesthetic professionals. Their unmatched experience and knowledge will  give you the aesthetic results you aim for. We also love to help our clients feel educated on our treatments and services, so let’s get into the details about our new Restylane® Kysse lip filler!

What is Kysse Lip Filler?

Restylane® Kysse is a revolutionary hyaluronic acid filler created to maintain natural lip movement while adding volume and improving the overall aesthetic appearance of your lips. The result is beautifully full lips that maintain natural-looking structure and expression!

What Kysse Lip Filler Enhances

Kysse lip filler can be injected into the body of your lips for increased volume and also the perioral lines just above your lips to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Increased Lip Volume and Fullness

As mentioned, the top priority of lip filler is to do just that, fill the lips. But what makes Kysse so special is that it enhances the volume and fullness of your lips while keeping their natural movement! Consequently, the results can be virtually undetectable, yet dramatic.

Smoother Lip Texture

Have you ever noticed the small lines and wrinkles that appear on your lips and deepen with age? Lip products such as matte lipstick can enhance this texture even further. Kysse lip filler rejuvenates the surface of your lips to create a youthful, smoother appearance. This makes your lips perfect for lipstick application, and they’ll look great without lip products too!

Enhanced Lip Color

Depending on your genes, you may not have naturally pigmented lips; they may even closely match your skin tone. This can make your lips a less noticeable and defined facial feature. You may even feel the need to wear lip products daily to give them some color.

The good news is that Kysse lip filler can naturally enhance the color of your lips with treatment! While it may not make a dramatic change, you can expect more pigment in your lips with Kysse lip filler.

The Results of Kysse Lip Filler

There are some stunning results with this filler treatment!

According to clinical studies performed by Restylane®, the creator of Kysse, some significant numbers were:

  • 100% of participants reported aesthetic improvement.
  • 96% of participants reported fuller lips 8 weeks after treatment.
  • 98% of participants were satisfied with their Kysse lip filler results.
  • 96% of participants believed their results looked natural.

And for what it’s worth, 100% of participants’ partners were equally or more attracted to their partner after treatment With Kysse lip filler, your lips will have enhanced “kysse-ability”!

The Benefits of Kysse Lip Filler

This type of lip filler has a few advantages that set it apart from other types of filler for the lips. 

Less filler needed

If you’re familiar with fillers, you know that the cost of lip filler is determined by a couple of factors, the main one being the amount of filler used. In clinical trials, Restylane® Kysse used a lower amount (1.82 mL) than a competitor filler (2.24 mL) for enhanced lip volume. This means that many patients may need less amount of this filler than other lip filler options, which can impact your choice for this filler option. Less is more here!

Natural lip movement

Unfortunately, there is a stigma that fillers may inhibit facial movement, making them noticeable. At Envision, we do not have this issue with any of our injectable treatments! We prioritize natural looking and feeling results. One of the big benefits of Kysse is that it was made specifically with this in mind. 

Kysse lip filler was formulated using XpresHAn Technology™ for movement that gives you flexible and natural-looking facial expressions! Your lips will look beautifully full and natural whether you’re laughing, smiling, or anything in between

Targeted, meticulous results

Kysse lip fillers allow the injector to be incredibly precise to craft your perfect results. Of course at Envision Aesthetics, all patients have our top-tier injector Dr. Whipple, who does all injection treatments herself! A great product + a great injector = a more beautiful you. You can create your dream lips with Kysse lip filler.

woman's lip with Kysse lip filler

Kysse Lip Filler FAQs

Though this is a new product for us, we want to help our clients feel more informed by answering some frequently asked questions and providing vital information about Kysse lip filler.

Am I a good candidate for Restylane® Kysse?

Most clients are great candidates for this lip filler. You should have a consultation with a provider before having Kysse lip filler treatment (or any treatment). In this consultation, your provider will ask for your medical history to determine if this treatment is right for you.

Patients should not use Kysse lip filler if they:

    • Have a history of severe allergic reactions.
    • Have had a previous allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid fillers.
    • Are allergic to anesthetics, like lidocaine.

If you’re searching for natural-looking full lips with increased definition and smoother texture, Restylane® Kysse filler is a great option for you. Schedule a free consultation at Envision Aesthetics to discuss any concerns or questions you may have!

How does the Kysse lip filler treatment process work?

After completing a consultation, your skin will be cleansed before starting treatment. Your provider will use a topical anesthetic to numb the area(s) where you will receive the filler injection. They will then begin the injection process, allowing some time for the anesthetic that is a part of the Restylane® Kysse formula to help further numb the area.

Your provider will continue the injection treatment to achieve your desired results. After completion, they may gently massage the area to make sure the filler is evenly distributed.

What do I do after lip filler treatment? | Kysse Lip Filler Aftercare

Your provider can give you something to cool the area directly after treatment to help reduce any swelling. You should avoid touching the area for six hours after treatment; you could accidentally injure the numbed area without realizing it. After that time period, you can gently cleanse with soap and water.

Your provider will also give you full aftercare instructions per their recommendation for you!

How long does Restylane® Kysse lip filler last?

While individual results vary, Restylane® Kysse lip filler lasts up to one year. You and your provider can discuss how long of a period is best between injections. The good thing is that the results aren’t permanent; you can adjust how much you get and the look you’re going for as you see fit!

What ingredients are in Kysse lip filler?

Restylane® Kysse lip filler ingredients are a combination of hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a naturally occurring sugar found in our bodies; .3% lidocaine to reduce pain during treatment; and BDDE, an ingredient that helps the HA form a longer-lasting gel filler.

How To Treat Bruising After Fillers

And there you have it! We’ve discussed what you need to know about Restylane® Kysse Lip Filler. We’ve got you covered and hope you learned something about this incredible new filler product.

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