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The Benefits of Microneedling With Radiofrequency

Microneedling is one of the best forms of skin resurfacing; there are so many benefits! Our skin professionals at Envision Aesthetics explain what makes microneedling with radiofrequency unique.

Benefits of Microneedling With Radiofrequency

As a step above traditional microneedling, microneedling with radiofrequency holds its own when it comes to skin renewal procedures. 

Treats all skin tones

For those with darker skin tones, similar skin rejuvenation treatments with lasers are almost always a risk since many lasers target pigment in the skin (melanin). Lasers work by finding pigment and breaking it up, potentially leading to skin discoloration for those with deeper skin tones.

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With microneedling and RF microneedling with INTRAcel, this is not the case! Microneedling works in a totally different way, creating many tiny injuries in the dermis of the skin. This technology does not target the melanin pigment in the way lasers do. Of course, there is still a small risk of creating post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from skin trauma, so make sure you go to a highly experienced professional who has worked with many skin tones. 

Less downtime

Many laser treatments, especially aggressive ablative lasers, call for days of downtime for your skin to recover. This means calling off work, postponing events, and steering clear of the sun for several days, greatly disrupting your routine.

RF microneedling near you requires little to no downtime! In fact, most of our clients look great within 12-24 hours post-treatment. We’ll give you plenty of details to give your skin some extra love as it heals, but this is much more minimal than other resurfacing treatments.

Get treatments any time of year

Since your skin is not nearly as sensitive after RF microneedling as it would be post-laser treatment, it is much easier to get microneedling done any time of year. Whether you want to revamp your skin for the winter holidays or feel confident to go bare-faced throughout the summer, you can get RF microneedling done any time of year!

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